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Is Trump Going To Jail?

Of course, this is complete speculation. We don't know enough to answer that question, but what does your gut tell you?

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paul1967 8 Dec 5

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Probably won't pay for anything he's done.
Instead of prison, I'd like to see him tarred and feathered in Time's Square 🙂


He is guilty but gets away scott free because that is how our country works...


I highly doubt it.........

What do you doubt?

@paul1967 Trump going to jail.


Unfortunately, when Ford pardoned Nixon, it set a precedent that put us on a dark road where soem peopel just will never have to pay for the crimes they commit.

I think one way or another Trump will be forced otu of office, but he won't ever have to suffer any other consequences for his crime(s), even though he definitely should be held accountable and e subjec to go to prison just like any other citizen.

At present, in America, the rich only go to jail if htey steal from other rich people, and often not even then. There are excetions. There are soem things the rich simply are not supposed to say in public... such as when Leona Helmsley said "Only Little peopel pay taxes" and was caught on an open mic. She was not saved from punishment because she broke the code of silence.


I'd like to say someone is going to drag him onto the White House lawn and put a bullet in him but I don't think that'll happen.

I have no doubt that he worked with Russia to tamper in the election and that he was planning on significant monetary gains from it. He'll never leave office willingly so he'd have to be impeached and I don't think the Republicans will boot him out. If Mueller has video evidence of Trump saying "Fuck America" with double birds in the Kremlin's highest tower, the GOP still wouldn't vote against him.

On top of that I think that there are larger implications if he is truly impeached and then goes to jail. When a cop or lawyer is found to be corrupt, all of the cases they were responsible for have a significant reason for appeal. What happens when a President is found guilty of corruption? I really have no fucking idea how to unring that bell.

My opinion is that Trump committed actual fucking treason involving our highest office and that our political system will let him walk. He'll retire happy and wealthy and with government money watching his security for the rest of his life.

I agree with most of what you said but I don't think Trump is ever happy. I don't think he's capable of feeling any emotion beyond smugness and self congratulatory. The man suffers from delusions of grandeur. I'm not a shrink but something tells me he lives in a pretty dark place.

@paul1967 Yeah you may be right there.

@paul1967 I hope it's very dark and he's extremely miserable 24/7.


Actually I think Mueller will arrest him first..after the Dems take control..

I could be wrong because I have no what I'm talking about, but something tells me a sitting President can't be arrested, he needs to be removed from office first.


If there is a jury involved, no. They will never be able to create a jury pool of 12 that is unbiased. Let alone any alternates.

I know I wouldn't be impartial. I don't have a clue what the evidence is for his guilt, but I have this admittedly irrational belief that he's guilty and for that irrational belief to be changed a lot of flawless evidence would need to be brought forward to dissuade me from my predetermined guilty vote. I think I almost know what it must feel like for theists LOL.

@paul1967 A trial by jury will be more circus for us to have to endure. Not that I have faith in juries after OJ. I have no doubt any evidence will be piles of at best circumstantial. Nothing concrete. the whole circus when done, will turn into conspiracy theory heaven no matter which way it goes.

@Veteran229 I agree with you and I think unless they have clear undeniable evidence which I'm certain doesn't exist, it would be bad for the country to put Trump on trial.


I will go to DC for the Lock Him Up Ceremonies if it hopefully comes to pass. I am biting my nails and have the trip planned.

If this happens:
I don't believe in karma, but this would be justice like nothing else in my lifetime. I believe just like Nixon he won't serve any time, but the humiliation of being booted from the office of the President will have to be enough. I hope someone thinks to say; Mr. President...... YOU ARE FIRED!

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