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World's largest nerf war in Dallas Cowboy stadium on march 10.
I guess this qualifies as silly but my kids and I have managed to bond over nerf guns and this is an event that we have been going to since it started. We even found Waldo there last year. lol

JohnnyMiller 6 Feb 13

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Sounds like a blast tbh

The last couple times I've been it was. And apparently this year Hasbro's nerf department is sponsoring it with a booth in the stadium. And from the sounds of it they may end up handing out a couple of blasters from this years fall lineup. Would be interesting to get a 6 month early release. The kids would be the talk of the neighborhood on our block.


Sounds fun.

It has been. I'm just not fond of the eight hour drive.

That is a ways for weekend. @JohnnyMiller

@Annaleda That's the sad part. It's only a 4-hour event. It would be nice if it was an entire weekend.

I bet you could organize something. Start a fb group. Tell people this year. Talk in group about it during the year. Plan stuff. It’s how my community plans events. πŸ™‚. We are pirates and gypsies. @JohnnyMiller

@Annaleda I started a facebook group but sadly my area is more the paintball/airsoft type of people. I would have to move to a larger city to draw even a meager crowd of interested people.

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