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Does anybody else get physically ill when they read articles about proposed Trump regime policies? I mean fucking aye, every one of them benefit either himself, the unbelievably rich, or the religious. I want to stay informed, but it honestly fills me with so much fury, and the desire to hurt those who voted for him. His bullshit is so blatant; he's not even hiding the fact that his agenda hurts the US.

thekodiak33 5 Feb 13

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It's a GREAT SWAMP. Before Donald Trump came along, it was just a shitty little SWAMP. Now look at it.....It's gonna be the Greatest SWAMP ever. A Great SWAMP. The Best! A SWAMP like the world has never seen before! "DT 2020! .... More SWAMP"

twill Level 7 Feb 13, 2018
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