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Three-quarters done and ready to give up. Have you ever felt like that?

Am making a Christmas stocking for my daughter's new husband, Matt. Claire and Matt are coming to my home to celebrate Christmas. It wouldn't do to have stockings for just Claire and me.

As an embroidery novice, the "a" nearly killed me. But if I tear it out and start over, the next one may be worse.

After doing the "M," I ran to my artist ex-husband for advice.

"I can't embroider a straight line," I said ruefully. "Don't worry, the slants give flair," Terry replied. That cheered me up.

Now all I have to do is embroider a "t" to match. (sound of slitting wrists)

I'm off to work out to release tension. Think I'll sleep on it. Will feel better in the morning.

By LiterateHiker8
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It looks great and you are too hard on yourself!!

linxminx Level 7 Dec 6, 2018


Thank you so much! I appreciate your encouragement. You're right: I'm too hard on myself.

Kathleen, recovering perfectionist


Kudos for doing this yourself. I would have wrote his name on a piece of duct tape & slapped it on the stocking because that's about as crafty as I can get

tinebean Level 7 Dec 6, 2018


Very funny! When my daughter was 16, she cut two slits in her jeans. Of course, it continued ripping in the butt until the rips were from seam-to-seam.

TWICE I repaired the butt rips, only to have her tear it again. The third time, I triple-sewed the butt area, slapped a piece of duct tape over the stitching and wrote with a large, red felt pen:


Drove to her dad's house. When Claire answered the door, I held out the duct-taped butt: "Here you go." Claire burst into laughter.

Unfortunately, I had triple-sewed the knees for good measure. Claire asked me to remove stitching in the knees. I laughed and did it for her.

The fun of having a teenager.


I sure hope you don't accidentally put an 'h' or an 'e'.

PolyWolf Level 7 Dec 6, 2018




Go to a craft store and buy his name off a rack. ?


I have about 3 sets of mittens knitted with the second one not having the thumb or isn't otherwise finished because it's not quite like the first one. Never did figure out how to do it quite right. It's been a few years so mabey I'll try again sometime..

MsAl Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

After ten years, i finally have a pretty good glove. I can't get a match though. ? it wouldn't be so bad, but my daughter asked when i would have a pair completed. Who wants a scarf???

@Lillyfield41 lol the kid I started making stuff for would usually be to big before it was finished.. Oh well


Attagirl! You have almost three weeks to finish it! Plenty of time....! I know you can get that last letter stitched, and I hope Matt knows how lucky he is to have such a caring Mother in law!


Thank you. Here are photos from Claire and Matt's wedding at Lake Chelan in Sept. 2018.

@LiterateHiker I love them...especially the last one! ?


Cocoa is Claire's goofy, lovable half Golden Retriever/Husky. I made Cocoa's satin bow tie extra large to look cartoonish, like his goofy personality.


If he truly loves your daughter he won't let one missing T stand between himself and his Mother-in-Law.It's not like you left out a vowel or something really important.


I will finish it.


It looks great. Be happy with your work. Your daughter and son-in-law are going to be touched that you took such care. smile009.gif


Thank you. I'm too hard on myself. Think I'll sleep on it and try again tomorrow. Fresh eyes the next day.


Wrist slitting is messy. Take the black capsule.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Dec 6, 2018


Bobbyzen Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

I think you strive for perfection in an imperfect world. It is the subtle imperfections that make things like what you are doing special... And mean the most to people. The LAST thing you want from this is to look machine made in China!

Keep going!


Excellent point. Thank you for that. Hugs, Kathleen


You could always bag stockings entirely.........


I think it looks fantastic!


Thank you! I've been comparing it to Georgia font that I have been trying to duplicate with embroidery. Aauugh!

"Artistic license," I can say airily.

I appreciate your encouragement and kind words.


Looks good, just power through...

arttrust Level 6 Dec 6, 2018

Looks good to me


I am infamous for making things that work but look crappy. You're doing great by my standards.

alliwant Level 6 Dec 6, 2018

Churchill quote is on order here....... "Never never NEVER give up" ?


Looks good! I knit and I quilt. If you think embroidering a surface like the one you are using is hard, try it on a knitted stocking!


It's great that you can knit. As a left-hander, nobody could teach me to knit or crochet.

@LiterateHiker I have taught several people to knit, but no lefties. I have read that when teaching a left handed person, have her/him sit in front of you instead of beside you. I have never tried it, so I don't know how it well it works. If you lived near me, I could teach you to knit, left handed or not. As I said to Spudnut, though, I taught myself from a book; I bet there are books for lefties!

@LiterateHiker And one more thing: YES, I have almost completed a project and put it away out of frustration. In fact, I was making my granddaughter a quilt and did just that. It was "away" for about a year, but I got it out last week and finished it. I finally remembered what made me stop working on it: I had used a seam ripper incorrectly and had put a two inch splice in the binding--which was not going on as I want. I took off the binding and approached it differently, and succeeded this time.


Well done!


You're the classic "mom".
I salute you.


I run through the job in my mind before starting, making sure I solve the problem bits beforehand. Makes no difference, I often fail but in my head it’s already done. Probably doesn’t help!


Got it done!

To make the curve of beads, I strung the beads and hung it from the top corners of the stocking. Learned this trick from Terry, my ex-husband who is an artist.

After finishing the last "t," I went back to the "a" and softened awkward transitions from thick to thin with embroidery thread.

"Artist do that with paint," Terry said.

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