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Noah's Ark-eology: The Daily Show...

phxbillcee 9 Feb 13

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If Cheddar man's DNA is typical for that time period, does it suggest that light skin is a recent (e.g., <10k years) mutation? It's exciting how quickly humans change. If we can just make it through the next 200 years...

Admin Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

I wonder if those populations further north, Norway, Sweden, etc were "light" yet. And did you notice the blue eyes?!? I have another post on this here, not from a "late-night" host. ( & I'm wondering if we make it past the next 20 yrs, to tell the truth!)

Evolution is amazing, but phxbillce is right. The adaptation likely happened earlier than 10,000 years ago and probably included other species as well. The Neanderthals of modern day France were prolific in their spreading of DNA. So much so that most people of European descent have as much as 2% Neanderthal DNA. Recently we have found another separate species in South America that may further explain human diversity.

I'll be really happy if we make it through the next three years.

@KKGator or seven . . . 😟

It seems there have been many migrations out of Africa, and each migration evolved slightly differently. Later, as various migrations came into contact with each other they interbred combining their DNA. It is often pointed out that most people of European descent have DNA from Neanderthals. I'd expect that the lighter skin came from a separate migration that ended up in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and so on, who met up with the darker skinned persons in Britain.

My parents talked about my darker skin color as having come from Welsh ancestry, where people are more "olive skinned". However, more recently we had Native American ancestry on my father's side, which is where I think i got my darker skin tone from. I am noticeably darker than all of my siblings, and my features are very close to my father's, so I am my parent's child. Anyway, my parents were somewhat bigoted against peopel who had darker skin tones, so that is why they claimed my skin color was from oru Welsh ancestry rather than the Native American. Hmm. this is alloff topic.

So, anyway, many migrations out of Africa interbred later on. Native Americans DNA are closest to people who currently live in Tibet, and the religion of Native Americans in the Southwest U.S. is similar (nearly identical) to the pre-Budhist Tibetan religion. Tibet is a long way from the ice bridge between the continents, so there was a lot of wandering about.

My opinion about skin, eye and hair color is like trying to compare the differences between Labrador retrievers. There are black, white, yellow, and chocolate Labs. They are basically the products of similar interbreeding, with only the exterior beign the only real difference.

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