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LINK How multiculturalism divides us - UnHerd

This article is from the UK but its points are definitely true of Australia as well. Anyone else?

Redcraze 4 Dec 9

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I'm not going to sign onto another site that promises to bombard me with emails from the start.

Can you summarize?

I rather like living in a multicultural area and Caribbean food and Middle Eastern food and Korean food and Italian food.

I am not a Velveeta and white bread kind of girl.


@Redcraze Are you a descendant of an immigrant or a slave or a native?


Multiculturalism isnt the problem.. immigration at higher then useful rates is..


Good article. I liked the recommendation, "It means drawing on our cultural history in every area of life and unapologetically setting it above all others, promoting it proudly, inviting every citizen, regardless of where they came from, to share in it – yet all the while unremittingly defending their individual liberty to make their own choices."

"It means drawing on our cultural history"
.. but who's culturally history are you drawing from..
This has been I bit of a trigger for me .. as when ever I look at the Canadian right wing extremist sites, it seems to be one of their talking points.. "Canada's culture should come first" . And when I ask exactly what is Canadas culture and morals. They seem to always answer .. if your Canadian you should just know it (I paraphrase of course)

@hippydog Western, enlightenment culture. Since the article stated, "individual liberty", it no doubt meant a culture that recognizes individual rights.

@hippydog There is a good discussion of this topic on Youtube, entitled, "What is killing western civilization?"

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