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Any CHAMBER MUSIC fans? I live in Washington, DC. I play the harpsichord and have a large library, and, playing alone is fun but playing chamber music with others is more fun. Anyone play violin, flute, oboe and like baroque music?

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Wish I'd known about you when I lived in that area. I play (though right now I'm incredibly rusty) the flute a bec, aka recorder. Always loved playing baroque and renaissance music.


I'm very into the JS Bach sonatas for harpsichord and Gamba, Flute and Violin. Also the Handel sonatas for harpsichord and flute are fun.


Yes!!! I played harpsichord in our chamber ensemble in college! Loved it!


From any age but, since I play lute, I have a special fondness for the music of that of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

After all, what we know as orchestral music was developed from chamber music.

I play plenty of Dr. Bull, William Byrd and Giles Farnaby. Plus, I have old books of the all of Dowland's Lute Songs, which are fun to play through. Just yesterday I pulled out the works of Anthony Holborne.


brandenburg concertos are so fine


Go to your local music store and put up a flyer. It is SOOO much more fun playing with friends. I play harp, hammered dulcimer, whistles, drums,etc., etc (Jack of all trades...). Wish I was closer to DC. . .

Believe it or not, DC has only one music store that is serious and its in Fairfax, Virginia.


I play flute, but not so well anymore. May I come listen?


Sounds fun! I had a Jewish high school girl friend who played in one, and invited me to join in on the piano.
But mostly I played in bands that played more recent music, or wrote their own, since that was the only way to get paying gigs.

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