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I was trying to find the #MeToo thread, asking what we thought of it. Well, here I go. I think it's gone too far. Al Franken, one of the stars of the Democratic party, was forced to resign by other senators because they wanted the Democrats to take the "high road." That's really helped us, hasn't it? While Trump was endorsing Roy Moore. We need Franken. He is intelligent and articulate. I think his sins were quite mild. He could have done so much to help our country get rid of Trump.

James Franco: ( "Paley claimed to the Times that Franco allegedly exposed himself and tried to pressure her into oral sex. Though she said they had a consensual relationship, Paley said: “that time wasn’t consensual." Huh?? I believe she said no and he stopped. THEY CONTINUED THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Must not have been too traumatic. A lover is supposed to ask before he does anything? Booorrrring. If I had a dollar for every time a b/f did that to me, or I to him, I'd have....well, never mind.

Don't misunderstand. The #MeToo campaign is important; the injustices must come out, but we cheapen it when we compare the above to Harvey Weinstein and the other offenders.

(I don't expect to get any likes to this post; it is not PC to say these things. Tough shit.)

LIB75002 6 Feb 14

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Before this #metoo movement, I heard a discussion on public radio about how important it is for people in college to ask for consent at every point... before each move, so to speak. Mainly aimed at college boys. I understand this in a case where two ppl get together on the spur of the moment and hook-up, but it seems a bit much for a couple who are on an actual date, or steady dating, or in some kind of committed relationship.


I am a huge Al Franken fan. I sulked for a full day when the news came out.

But, if a woman says she was made to feel uncomfortable or harassed or assaulted, I believe her. The burden of proof lies with the accused. At least in the realm of public perception.
I don't know if Sen. Franken should have resigned, but I believe he did it in the classiest way possible.


All I saw Franken do was make a joke

twill Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

@Akfishlady No, we don't have to sacrifice some "pawns" over the ridiculous things he was accused of. Our fight against Trump is far more important to their "abuse" by a man who did not believe he was doing anything wrong. He strikes me as a gentleman.

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