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Do you or did you have a wedding song?

I was married once (1992). My wedding song was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers--it was popular at that time due to the movie Ghost. I still have no interest in hearing that song because it just brings back unwanted memories.

If I were to ever take the plunge again, the song I'd like is- Follow You, Follow Me by Genesis.

How about you?

MyLiege 7 Feb 14

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"Heaven" by Bryan Adams was the song that kicked off my ten years in Hell.

If I get married again, I think I'll go with "One More Fucking Time" by Motorhead.

JimG Level 8 Feb 19, 2018

The first time I married (1977?) it was by a Justice of the Peace in Leominster, Mass. His main gig was undertaker. No music, no wedding dress, just friends with us followed by dinner.

The second time was 1982 in Lyngby, Denmark in front of a judge who spoke no English. There were 6 couples getting married that day, all service members from Germany. It was much easier to get married in Denmark than in Germany.

No music, no family present, no fancy dress, did have flowers, but pretty much bare bones.

I will never remarry due to financial implications, unless the guy is hugely rich. But I'm not likely to find that, and not sure I want that.


When we married, my now-ex-wife wanted to use "Sand in my Shoes" or "Who Makes You Feel" from Dido's "Life For Rent" album.

The first song has a delightful and carefree feeling to the music, but lyrically it's about the protagonist reminiscing about having a fling while on vacation and wondering if she should try and rekindle the affair after returning to her regular life. The second song is again musically interesting, with tension and sexuality laced into it, but lyrically its pretty much about a stalker or an emotional abuser trying to control a lover.

I felt that neither of these were lyrically appropriate for a wedding, and interposed a veto. Gratefully, this was about the only point of contention we had during wedding planning. I have no recollection whatsoever of what song the DJ selected for that dance, and I'm usually pretty sensitive to musical choices, so it must have been anodyne.


Mine was "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg. If I was to get married again, I'd go with "Unchained Melody," a song I sang at a wedding ceremony back in the 90's. Besides, I'm a huge Righteous Brothers fan. ????????????


I worked with this girl 1 day a week starting about 2 months before my divorce and I "noticed her " shortly after it. We'd get into the most amazing conversations and I fell for her hard, even though the feeling was not mutual. It was wonderful when one day I mentioned how my wedding song was in the rotation at work and hers came on next(she was divorced too). They were often played back to back. It was nice having someone to bond with even if it was exquisitely torturesome to be falling for her. Now my wedding song makes me think of her and I find myself singing along. Mine is Heaven by DJ Sammy(Candlelight Remix combined into the techno version). Hers was Inspiration by Journey.


I actually sang this Beatles song at my wedding accompanied by a professional musician friend on acoustic guitar. Despite that, we crashed and burned less than a year later.


My wedding song should have been Fucking Up by Neil Young.


"Runaway" by the Corrs. My wife relocated from BC to Alberta to be with me, so that became our wedding song. I still tear up when I hear it.

If she moved from BC to AB for you... That is true love!


Second time around, "Sea of Love", the Honeydrippers.
Glad to see you posting again!! Welcome back!!!
Hope you're well. 😀

@KKGator thanks! I am well. I took a break as there's been a host of things happening over the past several weeks. But I've missed you all. 😉

@MyLiege Glad to hear it! You've been missed, as well!

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