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Have you ever declined a date with someone because of their name?

I judge men on their names and don't mean to. But if someone has a name as an ex I have a hard time separating them.

Holyhellkel 6 Feb 14

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Not really.
Funny story; I dated three women named Heather over the years after my divorce in 05'. My oldest daughter and four sisters, lovingly coined them "H1, H2, and H3" as to expell any confusion as to which one we were talking about if they were brought up in conversation. I remember my mother even labeling them as such on the back of printed photos she kept... lol

Ha! Funny.

I had a husband (#2) and a step son named Alan. My family differentiated the two by calling husband "asshole" and step son "Lurch" (he was 6'6 and that was the name his friends called him).


I'm just your average Joe. Lol


Speaking as a David, I discourage this.


After the third Josh I dated, I decided I'd met my quota of Joshes and wasn't going to date another one, lol.

Did any of them ask if you were just "joshing" when you broke up with them? If you tell me no, I'm going to be sad.

Haha, none if them ever did!


I don't mean to either BUT the exs name just triggers all the stuff, the good, the bad and the ugly. LOL


Anyone named Bill or William would freak me out a bit. But if you really like them that's not an obstacle. (My apologies to anyone named Bill or William - but you didn't know mine!).

I had a Bill as a first husband. He loaded a 12 gauge shotgun, cocked it and put it within inches of my face. Another time he tried to get in my car screaming that he was going to kill me. Not sure if I would date another one.

@kiramea Gees down grading my former Bill to "Asshole but not murderer".


Sure - some names just leave a bad taste. Couldn't say the name without having flashbacks.

3 I haven't. Mostly because I've never been a dater. I've always been a serial monogamist. Until now. And, even now, I'm still not actually a dater. Anyway, moving on....

I would never reject somebody based on their name alone. Unless it was Bow to the King -- but not because of his name. I would reject him because I would think he was stupid for not changing the biggest mistake his parents ever made.


Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, Act II scene ii: What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Sounds right, but this is actually the crux of the matter. They end up dying because of their names.

This literature and not life, but a name means a lot. I too will find it difficult to date people with certain names. No particular names mentioned to protect the guilty.


No, in fact, I married a woman called Mel who had a daughter called Abbey and a few years later someone had found me through my art called Mel with a daughter called Abbey and I asked if this was a joke and it wasn't. I had relationships with both with quite a gap but back to back. it turned out to be a complete coincidence. true story and the 2 pairs were about the same age as each other. the second one also had a daughter called Jessica I later obviously found out.


Yes. I don't date men with the same names as close friends or my brother. It would feel weird.

I was telling my friend Chris about my boyfriend in college (We had several Chris's).And I said "You know he was Chris C,?". He said "I'm Chris C.!".
Boy that was a conundrum.


LOL I have done the same thing.


I've not, yet, had that happen. I don't think it would be a problem until I was talking to someone and had to add an identifying number to them. Amy #1 or Amy #2, ha ha


??? I think that's weird. I can't ever recall being immediately turned off by a name.


My 2nd partner after my separation had the same name as my ex wife, the lady after her referred to them as Mark 1 and Mark 2. Pretty similar to @Brbaldwin so I certainly don't have an issue with that.


I'm TERRIFIED of women who's first names begin with "A"!!

Boo! I'm an Angelina lol



It's the main reason I had to change my name. It was originally, Cornelius Cornpusel.


I have not.


For the longest time I refused to date anyone with the name of Mike/Michael. I had a boyfriend with that name in high school that was as my dad said "had Manson eyes". A year after we broke up (he tried to get into my car to assault me) he called me. He told me in explicit detail how he beat up his girlfriend, got arrested and put on 8 months probation. Then he asked me out. I politely declined.

Mike is one of mine too. Mike and Chris. Lol


No, but I.m pretty sure I have been turned down because of mine. My name is Victor and every time a new Frankenstein movie came out I got teased . I think hollywood has it out for people named Victor. Every famous Victor has been the bad guy.


What is in a name? A turd by any other name, can be put in a paper bag, lit on fire and stomped on by your asshole neighbor.


No but I had a visceral reaction when I first heard the name again. Worse if they have the name of one of my sisters. Yuck!

However, the name might have played a subconscious role in it never going past a few dates with anyone who had a name match...

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