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I got a little settlement from a hit and run drunk driver who smashed into me on my bike a few years ago. I was fine no hospital bills and I wanted to do something meaningful with the money. I struggled to find a charity that wasn't religious-based. I found these guys that do excellent work right here in the states. No religious ties and it's totally awesome! I chose to pay somebody's electric bill help another dude with rent and made a laid-off single mom's car payment. Not looking for a pat on the back just wanted to plug the charity.

Natefish 4 Feb 14

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Doctors Without Borders. Unicef. Most any anti-animal cruelty charity. Just three secular charities that popped right into my pea brain. It's not that hard to find areligious charities. Unless by that you mean charities that are devoid of any theists participating, but I don't see that as a problem.

But thanks for the site reference. I'll check it out.


I could have given you a quick and easy charity for your predicament, Natefish! The name and account number of a credit card company that REALLY wants some extra money. 😉

@Natefish Nodding head enthusiastically -- I would feel really great! 🙂


My water heater went out and I tried to get a grant with that company to help with the unexpected expense. Apparently they only help the working poor and completely ignore the disabled population. I have been denied twice even-though I had stated that I will love my only mode of transportation and have my electricity cut off. They may help some people, but they don't help everyone that needs a helping hand.

Did you ever find help?

Nope. I have a go fund me type plea ( [] ) but no contributors as of yet.


Brilliant. there's a lot of bullshit in charity even without religion. where there's an opportunity there's an opportunist it seams.


You're good people. Thanks for the link.


Awesome @natefish ! I applaude your selflessness. 😀

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