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Thank you very much for your tolerance, kindness, friendly jabs, respect, for your silliness, your love, wisdom & empathy!

I survived to level 7 so far, cutting the heathen cake now ❤

walklightly 8 Feb 16

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Sorry, couldn't make the party. Send my piece of the cake to Texas.

here ya go!


Woo!! Climbing level 7 is a slog, I don't even want to think about level 8.

i don't really follow my progress on that ladder as slobbering as i used to in the beginning any more 🙂


I am glad for you. I just joined this site and fell comfortable here already.

welcome with the bright mob!


Your more than welcome and thank you right back x


Congratulations hope your cake is full of green

😀 my cake is really the land i belong to, & that is almost obscenely green here in the rainforest. gratitude my middle name.

nice I live in the middle of a forest

in the uk in the middle of a forest? that's truly lucky, @LeighShelton.

yes i like it x

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