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OK, I am going out on a limb a bit here.

What are your views on prostitution?

El-loco 7 Feb 16

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A prostitute is someone who decides to offer services for money. They should NEVER be abused for that. NEVER!!!!!

I know it happens - but it shouldn't.


Back in the 80s, I was hitch hiking to Florida and I got a ride with a woman who had been a prostitute in Amsterdam. She told me that she was appalled at how hookers here in America were treated. She felt that hookers provided a valuable service and kept the people safe. She always insisted that the John use a condom. I asked her if she would go bare for drugs and she answered me by asking "What good are drugs if I'm dead from aids?" Aside from tourists going there just for the hookers, most of her clients were just lonely guys who didn't have good luck with women. She offered me a place to sleep, we had safe sex, and in the morning she was gone. On the bedside table I found a 5 dollar bill, 2 condoms, and a note saying that she had a nice talk. I've never had a bad thing to say about hookers since then.


I can't say I've ever viewed it personally.


My first thought was nope, nope, nope. But after reading the comments, I guess I should keep a more open mind. I just think the risk of rape, abuse and death is just too high. Not to mention diseases. Honestly, I don't think I could be with a guy that has or does use prostitutes.

It's nothing like you read. You are reacting like you have been conditioned to react. Rape, abuse and death are nothing to do with it. Not in my world anyway.

It's just a business contract.


I feel this should be the sole decision of the prostitute. It's her merchandise and she should be free to peddle it to whomever wants to buy. Actually, she ain't selling anything, she is renting it out for a time period, right? Realistically. prostitutes serve an important purpose in life. I say license them and check their health regularly and let 'em do business.

She is selling her time (like we all do) and her body (which is an asset) and, if she is good, she knows any man better than he does himself.


The entire world system forces us, all men and women into prostitution.....
We all sell our bodies for cash..In our relationships, and mostly in our work....

Khmm Level 5 Feb 16, 2018



I see nothing wrong with it. We all in some way use our bodies to earn money, it's just the "God fearing people" who make it out to be wrong. Legal prostitution will save some extra-marital affairs from ruining families and domestic violence actions, especially in where one partner wants sex but the other has lost urges for sex. It will lower STD's and maybe even some rape incidents, but not sure of the latter.


I don't mean child abuse, human trafficking, forced anything. Nothing non-consensual. Should a woman have the right to make a living (and often a good living) anyway she wants - and provide a service which has been recognised since antiquity?


@Blindbird OK, What's your rate?

@Blindbird You know I am only joking, right?

@El-loco ew

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