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What you know about tides is probably wrong...

phxbillcee 9 Feb 16

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So, we have an inkling now. Let's build more tidal power stations then.


This is what I love about "Science". When there are new discoveries old theories and assumptions are updated or scraped. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Feb 17, 2018


Any tide from 100ad to 2068.


This is an interview that is now famous between David Silverman and Bill O'Reilly. Bill uses his own version of the God of the Gaps argument. "Tide goes in, tide goes out. you can't explain that." This is an argument of incredulity that in the above video has been easily debunked.

This particular part starts at about 1 min 50 seconds.

Just love that O'Reilly had his "No Spin Zone" in that about every time I heard him my mind began to spin! I think this is the interview where we get that Silverman "incredulous face" meme from.

@phxbillcee I was trying to paste the wtf face but I haven't figured out how to paste on the comments section.


Tides come in tides go out can't explain that !!!


OK. The equivalence principle. If you're in a box standing on the surface of the earth or in a box being accelerated at 1G somewhere out in space away from any gravitation you can't tell any difference - not even in tidal forces which will tend to stretch you. Your feet feel more gravity than your head does. AS LONG AS YOU ARE BEING PULLED in the space box.

But, if you are being pushed out there in space you will feel an anti-tidal force. And the equivalent of that is anti-gravity.


Wow! So cool. Learned a lot and a lot went over my head but that's good for me. May need to watch it a few times. Thanks.


He is wrong. I thought everyone knew that the water falls off the edge of our saucer shaped planet. When the tide is coming in, the water is trying to escape falling over the edge and into the pits of Hell. Where it would be boiled to extreme painful heat and steam, to become rain and so have to go through that pain time and time again. 😟 The out going tide is Gods mighty force dragging the water off the edge, so the water cools then, boils our wicked souls in Hell.



That will surely clear up our outdated ideas...

May take awhile, tho. Some old ideas get entrenched, even with the educated, & can take a generation or more to "auto-correct".

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