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The Ballot or the Boycott: Resistance 2017, 2018 and 1863

And for you democrats here, black or white, being this should be a concern to all of us. With the knowledge of how this is done by the republican party, why is it the democratic party, who claims to be the best choice for our black population, never calls out that party for their cross check scheme brought to light by Greg Palast?


William_Mary 8 Feb 17

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I’m studying American History and maybe I have a bit more to learn, but I don’t see why anyone would want to be a part of either party from all the crap that each one gets.

Adam7 Level 4 Mar 26, 2018

The Democratic Party's biggest problem is that it is still a party of elites and identity politics. When it reconnects with and actually supports ordinary people, workers, minorities, women and the poor, it will have a credible voice again, and not until.

Reconnects? If it ever really did. Anyways, I will not be one to hold my breath.


I know about it and I hear about it. Do you understand that when one party has control of both houses of Congress, and the White House, and controls the Judiciary branch by appointing their conservative judges, the Democrats who are in the minority cannot even bring a bill on the floor. The justice department stopped filing cases of voter suppression, and stopped investigating police brutality and civil right violations by police departments since Jeff Session became Attorney General. Two Third of the states are run by Republicans and are also controlled by a republican majority legislature. This is your answer. The Democrats need everyone to vote, and unfortunately my black brothers and sisters do not show up all the time to vote. Everyone does not show up to vote. Until that changes the Democrats can only hope that people write about these things and read about them and hopefully that will energize them to vote.

ummmm, the democrats had all 3 houses the first 2 years of the Obama administration! Gun control and better background checks never made it to any floor of either house for debate. You think it's a party issue!?! You're part of the problem to be blunt. Try again.

@William_Mary They should have. I know that the NRA went against it when they tried to past comprehensive background check. They needed a filibuster proof majority in the Senate to pass it and they could not pass it. i also believe that some Democrats that represented rural states also received money from the NRA and were on the fence. It is not perfect, but we cannot give up.

Good response. I also feel both parties are responsible and at times do the good guy bad guy thing. The Bush Administration blew threw the budget surplus inherited from Clinton (but Clinton removed the Glass-Stengall act that led to the great recession), served up years of fear from 9/11 and blew up the economy. Enter Obama, I did not agree with some of the his positions BUT I had hoped it would not lead to widen the racial divide, well see how that has gone. Obama ended up being too black for the white whites and not black enough for the black blackes. Alabama gave me hope, all non-white, low income, poor, ya know the people some states make voting difficult need to get registered to vote and then get to the polls. Hopefully there will be alot of help to make that happen.

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