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QUESTION Are religions unfair to women? - YouTube

This is a special edition from King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham and Nicky Campbell asks just one Big Question: Are religions unfair to women?

zblaze 7 Feb 17

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Major religions, that is those exercising their cumulative domination of all known 'advanced' societies, are created and propagated by Patriarchies. For 6,000 and more years, the very question of equitable treatment of females existing is an absurd joke.

To ask if religions regard women in an 'unfair' way doesn't even require a universally accepted definition of fair itself. It is like asking a whether a slave holder treats their property with fairness. In such a person's mind, allowing questioning, criticism and special privilege for favored property might be considered 'fair',, while at the same time totally ignoring the foundation upon which such allowances rest.

Objective fairness/equality in institutions that are supremacist by their very structure is impossible. Patriarchal 'isms' cause the very social pathologies that they claim to oppose and excluding equitable influences from more than half the human population represents no small part of the causes.


You know well the answer is yes, because religion, irrespective of which club attended is made by man (and in this case mam means man, not mam and woman). James

Leon Level 5 Feb 18, 2018

We already know that most religions are paternalistic with the men fearing and wanting to control women. The maternalistic religions seem to be have been stamped out. I want to hear every religion's reason why men are terrified of women.


As a rule they most definately are . It begins with the creartion and taking adams rib. It is stupid and results because the men were stronger . Women just caved in .


Yes and it is a way for men to feel superior and control women.


that' is the whole point of religion across the world


Excellent post! Religion is absolutely unfair to women! As a free-thinker, I say, "why waste your time on religion" but as a person who supports equality, women need to continue the fight for equality. However, those old books that we consider myths, were written by men from their point of view. Perhaps, we need to rewrite the myths from a woman's point of view. Just a thought!


Yes!!!!! Women should keep their mouths closed, according to the Bible.


The abrahamic religions most certainly are not only unfair to women; they're downright misogynistic!!


Some are more unfair than others - Islam seems almost deliberately misogynistic - As a Muslim once told me "Bro, a woman's brain is smaller than a man's and that's why their word is worth less than a man's in a court" Horrible really.


I'm going with a resounding yes on that one.

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