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Will Western Civilization die like some people say? Will humanity go extinct one day?

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Yes if some action does not take place. Immigration is changing the USA and Europe. The only ones remaining the same at present is China,Japan and a few Asian countries.


One way or another, humanity will go extinct one day. If we stay on the planet, and if we survived everything between now and then, our species will get wiped out when the sun turns into a red giant. The only way to escape that fate is to spread to the stars, and interstellar travel involves time frames so long that evolution comes into play. The alien species on other planets one day could have human ancestors.


Will it die like some people say?

I don't know how some people say it will die but, like humanity going extinct, Western Civilization, all civilization as we know it, will almost certainly die.


At the rate we are going, yes the human race will be extinct one day. There so many people that don't give a damn about the planet we are on. If more people cared and we all did something about it, then the human race will last longer a 100 years or so.


Western Civilization? It's on its way out already, but it's not inevitable.


Yes. Only question is when.

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