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Hopefully the Mega Churches will all have to file for chapter 11


Praise Zeus.


Hopefully this trend continues ... although come to think of it I don't know what follows Gen Z.


I have always liked Odin!


It shows our numbers are growing and christainity will be exstinct in the near future.


There is hope for the country.


Geez. It wasn't until halfway through that the strong perspective of the writer was shown! This sentence blew my mind: "Or is it that many of today’s Christians seem to have a bigger heart for Muslim refugees than for their fellow Christians who are persecuted on a daily basis in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world?" WTF? Being raised methodist, even in the south, I had never heard that line of reasoning. That's some wacky crap. Otherwise...I'm not sure I see the story as a good thing, even as it talks about less religion... it talks about a reduction of belief in morals also...about more GenZ agreeing that morals change along with society. I get the concept, and would say yes, over the long term... but it doesn't fill me with hope for the new generation just yet. Losing trust and respect of other humans is a big problem.


It’s a good thing. Christianity has had a good run and contributed some things but honestly there are better directions for the world to go in.


Great news. Glad to her it.


I had some real problems with this report. It sounded as if the "nones" we're failing morally. The journalist is associated with a conservative group "Reagan ranch". Luckily, it's just this kind of thinking that is turning people off. Keep it coming, I say.

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