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Thanks for posting this. I have shared with many friends that hard wasted lots of money on drugs.


Common sense should tell you that. Hell l have painkillers that are almost 20 years old that work perfectly fine. What the hell is there to go bad? They are pills. Do you throw out aspirin? DUH!


It's amazing how laws / regulations / safety change immediately when there is a shortage of anything important . This article is great , I hope everyone gets to read it , and thank u for sharing .
I have to say , it's all about the $$$. I think most people know by now ( I hope !) that expiration dates for most of drugs are laughable .
Something that I did not know thou and found out last year w Puerto Rico situation , has made me mad for months . Apparently the majority of our IV fluids supplies are producing in P.R . For more than 6 months , nation wide shortage in IV fluids caused panic and revision of fundamental administration of very important medications , cardiac drips , electrolytes , and antibiotics included . Until that time , I have never thought to question actually y we can't administer those and others in different ways .
In a blink of an eye , we did changed rules and methods to fit the shortage .
And . The moment IV fluids and plastic was back in buisness , we are back to expensive and time consuming ways ( y ???!!! ), and I can't make any sense out of this to save my life ?


I keep medications for up to two years. They work fine. And adrug rep told me he’d collect old meds from people who didn’t want them anymore and give them to an organization that distributed them to hospitals that needed them - not in the U.S. obviously, because that’s against code here.

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