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QUESTION Polar ice is lost at sea | Grist

Can people just see the evidence?

Akfishlady 8 Feb 18

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I watched a Documentation on Sweden. The scientists were studying this town because the water always seemed great and the grass was luscious. The scientist conclusion that the glacier was melting at 7% per year. There is much lost all ready. The pollution that is ruining the village fossil fuels. The other day they said on the news it was raining in Antarctica And Trump turns them loose to ravage in those areas more..


In the immoral words of Bender: "We are boned". I can hardly wait for the next phrase, runaway global warming. Its at times like this I wish I was to stupid to understand the consequences of this.


For sure, when I was a kid we had sledges ready for winter but now lucky to see snow at all. not even a virus kills its host.


I know!! I've seen other videos like this, scares the shit outta me for my grandbabies, maybe even my kids. What kind of world will they have?

we aren't staying here much longer sorry to say.

@LeighShelton 😟 Some times I think it is taking too long, but I also want the babies to grow up in a safe, clean place.

we are on the cusp of greatness too and I brought up two boys as my own and one has 2 children that are very young. this world has changed dramatically due to humans in many many ways. it will never be the same. we really could do something about it and it needs doing now ie every couple on the planet have one child, then do it again and after that, every couple has 2 children keeping the population at around 2 billion. because of many factors that's just never going to happen. mother nature can't lose and WILL address it if we don't.

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