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My white conservative friends have no idea why I'm not with the whole "we need to go back to how things were in the 50s" bs. They ignore the fact that things don't get better for me as we go back in time.

Or maybe they do.

Rideauxb 7 Feb 18

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My mother should have been attending college in the 50s, but, being a woman and "colored" she only completed the fifth grade. By the end of the decade, she had 9 children. Yep. Good times?!


Most of them have no idea what the 50s were really like. They just know what they've been told on TV. 'lives were better when everyone knew their place' meaning subservient to men like them.

Unless they were born before 1940, they have no real adult 50s experiences. I know the my mother's mother had 6 children, a truck driver husband who stopped by every few weeks to get her pregnant and had to work part-time jobs because he would buy new cars and houses without consulting her. I also know that he had never paid a bill until after she died in 1974.

I much preferred my life as a single working mother.


People seem to remember things different than how it really was. In reality those were horrible times open racism being the norm.

@Rideauxb And McCarthyism too! Don't forget that.

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