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I tend to perceive what's behind it, in a general sense, is a closed mind. The reason they are so damn sure of everything they are doing, is because they have formed their conclusion based on, as Trump is quoted as saying in the article, "what they already know" and have long since closed the door on learning anything more. To protect their incompetence driven fragile egos, they will firmly stand behind their knowledge to the detriment of all logic, reason, data, or conflicting experience. Yet, anyone with an open mind knows that "what one knows" rarely holds absolutely true for more than a fleeting moment in time. Therefore, those with more open minds allow themselves to question, to try and better understand by incorporating additional information into their historical knowledge and adapting their comprehension accordingly.

Absolutely. But as they also point out in the article, everyone falls into this to some degree.

@tnorman1236 Agreed. To some degree, yes, but as the article also pointed out, those who performed poorly were the least likely to accept criticism or show interest in self improvement, which to me says those doors are closed and double bolted. On the converse, no one has a completely open mind, so never experiencing isn't a realistic expectation either. But I do believe the more open you are to new information about things you thought you previously understood, the less frequently (or perhaps less significantly) you will experience the effect.

@Amzungu2 Yep.


too dim to see past the porch.


Anatomy of a Trump rally: 76 percent of claims are false, misleading or lacking evidence



It has been my observation that persons with low I.Q.s, 100 or less, seldom exhibit the unwarranted confidence as described in the Dunning-Kruger Effect. It is those with 105 to 120 that I have observed to be the worst offenders.

I concur! But, because of my experience I would only drop it to 100.

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