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Interesting post. I hope some well-intended family/friends of the author do an intervention sooner than later. Someone's seriously damaged, and it's not only deep-seated, it SCREAMS mis/mal & ill information. Most troubling is that she's now wearing a HUGE neon sign over her head: "Victim Mentality"!!! And that's now a recognized mental/personality disorder. Therapy. Ther-a-pee. smh


My Great-Grandmother always carried a hat-pin just for occasions such as that, it was about 6 inches long, a nice rounded end for gripping and she kept it razor sharp at the point.
Her philosophy was, " One quick, sharp jab to his family 'jewels' and he's down and out, squirming around like a skewered rat."


This is absolute b.s. All Frightbat scare tactics
Women are not assaulted as much as this suggests. The stats bear out the truth.
Stop spreading feminist lies

Thank you. I read it ... all. I am dumber for it.

I suppose you know that of Reported assaults, only 2% result in a conviction of any kind? Seems you have your statistics backwards, sweetie.

@dietyfreero. Please share some facts with us.

@AnneWimsey Na. Not backwards. if I were to post the stats, the real stats, I would get denial after denial. Obsfucation, deflection, and denial.
I've done it before, that's how I know.
I will do it again just to prove the point. Even after stating it in advance I know exactly what will happen because the deniers don't do the follow up.
And don't call me sweetie. I'm not your sweetie. And you know it. Dumb , arrogant , shallow tactic on your part and very revealing.
I would never stoop that low.

@DeityfreeRo no, you would just deny the real's some actual info for you: Sigmund Freud, in the course of his treatments, had a lot of "hysterical" female patients. He concluded, and published, that most of them were suffering from the aftermath of sexual assault, and that he believed a huge proportion of women had en assaulted and most were not even seeking treatment. He published a book on it, recommending treatments, describing why /now he found the facts.
The response was so negative from the overwhelmingly Mmale-dominated medical profession, and others, he was almost driven from the profession. His book/papers were banned, his license to practice was "re iewed". Men then, as now, prefer to condemn women, and those trying to help them, rather than look at the FACTS. so, you are in great company.....

The stats are based on REPORTED incidents...knowing they are going to be faced with fat heads like you, Most women prefer to not be assaulted again!


This is absolute b.s. The stats bear out the truth.
Stop spreading feminist lies

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