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Many parents in US teach their children to use the word "please" every time they seek the attention of other people, why don't some parents teach their kids table manners? I have this friend of mine,all the time I have been at table with them, I see their kids speaking while holding food in their mouth? Actually my friends do it too and it's disgusting and improper, I am of view that if you want to talk while eating, few chew the food and swallow it,then speak for that matter, it's just a needed courtesy of others on the table. What's your take on this?

Humanlove 7 Feb 19

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If your friends don't have table manners, where do you expect the kids to have picked them up? Most of the time meeting the parents of children is all the explanation you need for their behavior.


In the UK we tend to teach our kids to say excuse me to get attn,


Each culture has its own ways. Some cultures expect burping throughout the meal.

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