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With the recent shootings one of my friends posted that it was the fault of a godless world.

It’s like atheist bingo, yep there is the myth that you can’t have morals without someone telling you what they should be.

Here is an examination of how atheists are represented in the prison Population. Unfortunately the data is really only for federal prisons


Myah 6 Feb 19

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The Utube poster Godless Engineer has a running commentary about the comments of 'Wild Bill', a fundamentalist preacher. Good fun to watch.


Was it the one that mentioned McVeigh and 19 terrorists? Totally disregarding the fact that none of those people would profess godlessness.

I typed up a response then deleted.

“If a madman wants to kill people he will find away. McVeigh used fertilizer. 911 terrorist used box cutters and planes.Nazis used cyanide gas. Taking guns from innocent people will not protect innocent people. The problem is not guns it is a godless society” was basically what it said.

@Myah That's the one. Glad to know that my family aren't the only idiots out there. I get ignorant things like that passed to me every day. I've begun blocking posts from the originating sites.

Wow every day! I am sorry you have to deal with that. I am glad you are blocking the sites


@Myah Most Christians just recite what their preacher, teacher and Christian author has told them. There is an island off the coast of India that is protected land from tourists because India doesn't want their culture destroyed. This tribe worships no god - and yet, they have written laws to live by in their society. Many of those laws are very much like our own, but they have developed their own moral code. Proof that you don't need to be religious to be moral.

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