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What are your beliefs and values?

Our beliefs and values are operative! So it is good to know them. If you aren't intimate with them -then drag them out! Can you list your values and beliefs? Please do so! I will in the comments...

MortalsWrath 4 Feb 20

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The "Golden Rule' is a good place to start. Integrity is paramount to me.


Nah... I don't know who you work for.


Honesty, independence and integrity. I don't care if someone disagrees with me on every point. I can respect anyone who demonstrates these characteristics,


Fuck I can't be arsed to write all that down. integrity, honesty and treating people the way they treat me and being selfless to the right people/creatures. live and let live. this is some of it.


The only thing which may be held as truly valuable is the conscious themselves.

Consciousness is of an irreducible value.

However, one may be assessed upon criteria, in which we are not equal, and a measuring gradient of value may be had while still respecting that irreducible value.

Everything is connected and nothing is lost.

Even as no information is lost due to God’s awareness, the view of impermanence is accurate. Nothing stays in its present form forever.

All of our actions are indelibly fixed in the past and echo throughout humanity consequentially.

Nothing may be done to save a victim retrospectively or reconcile or put right an evil act and nothing may be truly done to put to rest those transgressed save for through their own forgiveness.

Evil acts may be resolved, however, as we must strictly be concerned with the present danger and whether or not it is over, it matters in the realm of justice if a transgressor feels remorse and how they thereafter proceed.

The expression of pain propagates throughout humanity, it is incumbent upon the wise to transform that expression into loving-kindness and recognize that those lashing out due to a void of discontent are simply expressing their pain.

Justice is easily and readily dips into depravity, justice must be alloted by only the compassionate and wise.

Consent must be healthy, and in order for consent to be healthy one must have adequate experience, knowledge and maturity or consent is compromised and their capacity isn’t available, to begin with. One may not consent to the consensual act of another that is not fit.

Beyond consciousness, what might be held up as valuable is the wealth of the heart and mind alone. Pure materialism is unsavory, but as consciousness is of utmost value, and any little thing may be used as an expression of love or nurturance, materialism is recognized.

Forgiveness is always the correct response. Forgiveness does not withhold consequence or put a person in a disadvantageous position that allows a reoccurrence. Forgiveness is rational and informs justice. Forgiveness is the cessation of anger, and the bestowing of love.

Forgiveness may actually heal emotional trauma by diffusing into the warm space created by the act.

We must seek to understand and empathize and through the pursuit of understanding bestowing loving-kindness is more readily available, which is the only way a rational way the world may operate. Love itself does not condone. Love is not necessarily naive and whether or not those that receive our love are depraved has no bearing on our naivety whatsoever, as it should be given to the entire world.

If we seek to help, we may not be taken advantage of. As this can be done from a position of full knowledge, and acceptance by the application of compassion and nurturance.

The desire for another being’s suffering is moral corruption, no exceptions. You may say this with confidence while making eye contact with God Hirself.

Hate is exactly irrational and emotional hijacking which is never a position to operate wholesomely or appropriately. There is such a thing as righteous anger, which comes from a position of equanimity and in no way does it allow a continuance of transgression, however, it necessarily operates with care for all.

Although traumatization may occur from a traumatic event, the true traumatization of a being is wicked committals and the owning of victims in one’s past.

A heart must be tender. The consequence of evil acts is the desensitization of the heart, in which apathy occurs and allows the continuance of evil which is a spiral into the abyss.

In order to gain a tender heart, one must practice metacognition while sitting with their own heart and cultivate a desire for the well-being of all beings there.

Triggering stressors must be addressed presently through calm expression as they arise and not repressed which results in a later catharsis that will likely be misplaced and regretted. The resultant emotions arising from stressors must be analyzed in the present and turned toward, embraced, and with the understanding gained from emotional intelligence, passed through and thereby resolved in the moment. Crying is a healthy release of knotted energy.

We can be nothing but a response to our environment which conditions our subjective experience and knowledge to which we are reflective; determining the epigenetic expression of our genes manifesting conduct for which we create meaning-making to reconcile a possibly locked in worldview that is formative of our adopted beliefs and values which are saliently operative, all the while working with the human condition and the desires and needs of the body inside pain/pleasure parameters. As we seek that which is pleasurable and avoid at nearly all costs true pain. Senseless acts of evil may be reduced and almost always found splayed in one or some of the following roots; selfishness, pride and inadequacy, desire and a lust for power, fear, justice, catharsis, dehumanization and a void of discontent due to unmet need. Through this knowledge and an understanding of one's depravity, it is more accessible to forgive, be compassionate and just.

With our actions, will and very intent, we shape God’s existence Itself. We may create our very own hell here right on Earth. We should leave footsteps here as if the world was our very own child.

We should strive for righteousness, the definition of righteousness is:

A devotion and love of the texture of goodness for its own sake.

Understanding the wisdom of loving-kindness with a willingness and excitement to follow its path wherever it leads as long as it is a healthy loving kindness.

The heart to understand that compassion is always the right response and the wisdom to understand what compassion actually is in a given situation.

The wholehearted feeling that evil is abhorrent and the committal to the pursuit of expelling evil from your being. So that even though evil may sometimes enter your thoughts, you don’t agree, identify or take pleasure in them and they are never exhibited in your speech or actions.

As premeditated willful criminal negligence is actually a committal of depravity, righteousness necessitates taking care according to your knowledge.

A being’s rights are as base as it becomes, as we may not include the right for the intent of love or its responsibility from the other, a being’s rights end where another's rights begins. A being’s rights are:
A being that does not murder has a right to life.

For a being that respects the right of another being’s safety, there is a right to safety.

A being has a right to express that does not purposefully harass another or seek to harm.

A being has a right to freedom within reason, as another being’s freedom should be observed.

A being that does not infringe on others rights has a right to tolerance.

A being that respects other’s safety and freedom are sovereign with respect to their own life and body.

. The practice of nurturance is a human need for healthy living.

Shame is healthy and invigorates transformation.

Although there is healthy shame there is such a thing a vain shame, which is closely connected to biological processes for which there should be no shame whatsoever although something should be said for hygiene, vain shame is also connected to poverty and materialism etc.

Meditation facilitates everything having to do with consciousness to its benefit. Through self-awareness, we may gain an ability to analyze our roots and gain some play with them although we may not have a change of perception with some things. This way, we may drag out the ego and choose what it identifies with thereby we choose what we identify with.

Where we apply our focus we shall reap.

Love is freely given. Nothing may be given for it in return as if it were a commodity save for the reciprocation of love itself. What of appreciation? That may manifest as love as well.

Love is infinite. Any little materialistic thing may be used to express love, any time is a good time to practice nurturance. Love is that coming from that right place and letting it reflect in any circumstance we find ourselves in. That right place is the desire for the well-being of the other and the desire to meet their unmet needs. It can also be a feeling of affection.

Although everything is connected and nothing is lost, and it is legitimate to recognize non-duality or the homogenization of existence as a perspective, we must retain duality itself, to readily define things thereby retaining judgment and value assessments such as the dual nature of aggression and nurturance.

Judgement is natural and should be practiced. We should desire to be judged accurately. A value assessment -not of one’s worth, but of the merit of their ideology, worldview and operative beliefs and values is healthy in discernment development. Discernment is the intelligence to realize the essence or nature of any aspect of reality. People have rights, ideas do not. There is a stark difference between judgment and condemnation. We should judge, not condemn.

We must not own truth in an absolute holistic sense thereby becoming stagnant. There is always more to know, and we wouldn’t recognize Truth if it slapped us in the face if we were in the stasis of owning the truth. It is ok, of course, to hold firmly held beliefs, but we must always be ready to augment, transform or replace those beliefs upon new evidence.

We are Meaning Makers incessantly applying meaning to every little minutia in our environment which forms a narrative, we are always telling a story, through metacognition, we may recognize when the meaning is applied and assess it for its veracity, as it is not necessarily false even yet it is always necessarily 100% made up. Through this self-awareness, we may direct our own stories as we see fit and not allow millisecond long Meaning Making fade into the background of our being and become operative as a belief or value without conscious awareness.

God is exactly the Universe identifying as all life. Anything that has a likeness to be something God identifies as. Hir -I say Hir because there is a feminine aspect to God, is everything and nothing at all, as you may not pick out any one thing a claim it to be God. Us? As the Universe breathing itself, eating itself, witnessing itself and thinking about itself are all a part of God.

Everytime we eat we are eating the body of God.

The Universe, holistically, is simply manifestations of light and the properties of spacetime. That’s all there is. Through the information carried naturally in light, the quantum foam folds the light itself into the hydrogen atom. Even as heavier elements are forged in the guts of stars, all matter -even us- are the fixed collapse of light.

Light is God’s consciousness, the quantum foam is Hir’s body and all life is the body of Christ.

Love is always available, it is a matter of cutting through the noise to tap into it and dipping down into its warmth..

We are responsible for our knowledge and it should inform our conduct, however, knowledge is not necessarily operative.
I find that the Truth, as it must be admitted there are right and wrong answers here, is comparable to math as it has no true existence without us and it would have no meaning without us, but at the same time -like math- I believe it is both invented and discovered by us at the same time. Because even while it has no independent existence, it is True with or without us... yet having no bearing or emergence without us, it is still discovered. because if there ever were such a thing as the witness it would be a latent edifice of the cosmos.


Only the conscious may be valued of paramount worth and the following attribution of worth for the wealth of the heart and mind and moral fiber... materialism may be recognized in an anchor of value for the well-being of an individual as every little thing may be used as an expression of love or practice of nurturance. Humans are of irreducible base worth but we may value other criteria and assess for it. Different yet equal specialized as only they may be.

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