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LINK 11 Diabetes Friendly Snacks: Cheese, Popcorn, and More

Healthy snacking for diabetics

AlasBabylon 8 Jan 20

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These articles are generally not good for the public and you should always refer back to your own endocrinologists and RD’s.


Atkins was absolutely Correct! You actually need no carbs other than the low-sugar fibrous ones in vegies, Not corn, sweet potatoes, peas.......


The first step to kicking diabetes is to kick the sugar habit. When I first detoxed from sugar I started eating nuts as a snack. All sorts of nuts and I'd munch all day as needed. I eat less than 50 grams of sugar most of the time, and probably less than that. There is sugar in processed foods that aren't sweet. Last time my blood was checked I was no longer pre-diabetic and I've lost about 30 pounds since early September. The Hummus and raw veggies are great, I eat lots of that. Cheese is great, watch the fruit. Watch the sugar in the yogurt, there will be added sugars many times. I eat lots of guacamole as well, love avocados. Sugar is the real devil in the health fight.

I can't say enough good things about erythritol, an alcohol sugar that, unlike other sugar substitutes, is actually sweet and doesn't have a weird "off" flavor (although only 60% as sweet as table sugar by volume). Its glycemic index is zero, it's completely inert, and the only way it interacts with your body is to tell your taste buds they're experiencing sweetness.

I use it mainly in coffee, which I like sweet. It's fine for baking too. It looks like sugar, although the size of the crystals vary by brand. The brand I find totally sugar-like, texture-wise, is ZSweet.

It has two downsides. It's pricey ($15 for enough to fill my smallish sugar decanter 2.5 times) and being a larger molecule than table sugar, it can cause some people mild intestinal distress, or so I'm told. Happily, it doesn't do that to me.

If your gut tolerates it and you can afford it, it's wonderful stuff.

@mordant I'll look for that at the store. Perhaps I can afford it; I can give it a try, anyway. I'll add that to my grocery list for tomorrow.


Um, popcorn is not good for my blood sugar. Actually, most of this list is awful for diabetics. Luckily people are eating to reverse diabetes, not “manage” it. Fruit, potatoes and many other things are the list are full of carbs.

The list is good and accurate you have to read everything completely
Fries for example it’s talking about sweet potatoes and apples are great as they are bound in fiber.

@darthfaja Sorry, but I disagree. I've gotten off my diabetes meds through diet for 4 years now. I know some of us can tolerate more carbs than others, but if I ate sweet potatoes and apples, I'd need medication.

@orange_girl ok but they are fine in moderation. I allow my diabetic patients everything on that list.

@darthfaja The only way I can stay off my meds is if I do under 25 grams of carbs a day. Some people are fine taking meds and upping their insulin, but I'm not one of them.

@orange_girl ok
But I don’t have any diabetic patients on insulin
All controlled with diet

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