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Never thought I'd see the day when I agreed with Pat Roberson:


Mallux 3 Feb 21

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I support the right to own guns....but I fail to understand why the NRA fights a ban on assault weapons (civilians) .


Give him a few weeks and he will dismiss it, just like the republican law makers do after every mass shooting. They will offer their prayers and then dismiss any talk about passing any substantial laws to fix the problem. It is all for show. Remember years ago, Pat Roberson was interviewed showing that he was loading his private plane with food that he was personally sending to the famine stricken areas in Africa. When he thought that the cameras were off and the reporters were gone, he had the food unloaded from the plane, and replaced with mining equipment for his diamond mine that he owned in Africa as partner with the former dictator of Liberia. One of the cameramen was tipped off and snicked back in and kept filming and got the footage.


Even a blind pig finds an acorn now & then.


I want a ban of all guns... so his call is BULLSHIT as far I am concerned.


Everybody with a little common sense asks for a ban on assault weapons. Now, what if said ban in few years evolves into one on all guns? This possibility scares me.

I don't own guns neither I know how to use one....but if today we lose one right tomorrow we may lose another...

@icolan The possibility of a Constitutional Amendment is as real as the fact that today will be followed by tomorrow.
As I said, when you lose one right you are in your way to lose the others.

BTW, I know what is needed to amend the Constitution.


Uh..."a broken clock is right twice a day?"

It's just real hard to give credit to someone for spouting what equates to "water is wet".

Twice a day, you give him too much credit.


Me makes me question my beliefs now. Lol


I had to go watch it myself. I agree with Pat Robertson on something. Unbelievable.


Double points?

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