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LINK McDonald’s Debuts McFalafel Vegan Happy Meal | VegNews

"This week, McDonald’s added the vegan McFalafel to its locations across Sweden. The option is comprised of vegan falafel nuggets (made with chickpeas, parsley, garlic, and cumin) that can be ordered with a vegan pepper dip on the adult menu or as part of a Happy Meal—which features four falafel nuggets with a choice of carrots, apples, or small French fries, and vegan beverages such as juice or a small soda.

The new menu option comes after the successful launch of the McVegan burger at McDonald’s locations across the Nordic region. In October 2018, McDonald’s added the vegan burger to the menu of one location in Tampere, Finland before expanding the option to all of its locations in Finland and Sweden in December—where it sold 150,000 vegan burgers within one month.

McDonald’s Sweden is not the only region where vegan Happy Meals are now available. Earlier this month, McDonald’s UK partnered with The Vegetarian Society to debut a vegan wrap filled with meatless chicken that can be ordered in a Happy Meal, and a similar adult version, the Spicy Veggie Wrap."

SkotlandSkye 8 Jan 26

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I hate McDonalds but every little movement in the right direction is good


Yeah, but is it gluten-free?

I know, I'm the worst. But I don't have debilitating chronic pain from fibromyalgia anymore, so, I win! 😛


It's a start. Wonder when they'll bring them to the U.S.?


Is this a joke, like the Onion, or are you serious?


If it's for sale in McDonalds, it can't be vegan no matter what it is.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 26, 2019 depends if they are training their staff to not cross contaminate.

Incidentally, those vegan wraps they've been selling in their UK "restaurants" (for want of a better term) have been in the news this week - they forgot to tell staff that meatless chicken and whatever goes into the spicy wraps is not the same thing as a chicken nugget, so vegetarians and vegans who do, for some reason, go to McDonalds have been buying them and discovering after a few bites that they're actually eating bits of dead bird. []

@SkotlandSkye Nope, still can't. Everything the company does is the opposite of vegan ethics.


There's been way too much water under the bridge to (likely ever) lure me to try clown food again. But even a tiny step in the right direction is better than moving the other way. ?


I wish McDs in the US would do that. However, I don't think I'd eat at a McDs anyway.

In 20 years, I wager McD's will be all vegan....and we'll all eat there happily 🙂
The world is changing.

I'm not that optimistic but I appreciate your thought. ?
I'm afraid that the only way the change could come that quickly would be the occurrence of a big enough tragedy that I'd as soon pass.

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