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Does anyone know about the “for profit” prison system in the US? I would appreciate reading your comments.

IAmLove 7 Feb 22

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Lets start with the entire prison system, of which the private prison system is a mean and spiteful subset. Our justice system is pointed towards revenge. There is not any significant attempt to fix the problems or to send a good citizen back into society. Every sentence is a life sentence. Once in the prison system one never escapes. Add in to that that the staff gravitates toward those who could just as easily have become inmates as become guards, or, if a professional, have already failed as professionals in the free society. food is measured for survival rations with no thought given to health, nutrition, or nourishment, with regard only for lowest possible cost. It's one more place where America has fallen to third world status.


The government for years has been moving to outsource to corporations that which they have traditionally provided. The purpose is not to save money or provide better services. The purpose is to increase sources of campaign contributions from special interest groups and businesses. In order to maximize contributions, it is necessary to maximize profits. To that end, we have longer sentences and more frequent prison sentences given out in order to increase campaign contributions to judges, prosecutors and legislators.


From everything that I have heard the for profit prison programs should be terminated forthwith. They have great potential for abuse, exploitation, graft and corruption, embezzlement and fraud. All of those things have occurred. in for profit prisons.


Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much for your insights and comments. They have given me perspective.


You have judges [ elected by monied interests] feeding minor offenders to jail simply to keep the business viable. crazy . Try appointing your judges by intelligent people first. then strive to make the prison population reflect the make up of your WHOLE society. lastly [ but most important ] END PROHIBITION


It is a growth industry. With roughly 3% of Americans in prison - and increasing - many more private prisons will be built. Many convicted felons in Hawai'I, for instance, because demand is greater than supply, are inmates of continental for-profit prisons.

32 million are or have been in jail . that's almost the population of canada. america out jail;s the russians and the chinese combined


Slavery was abolished with one exception. If there is an exception, technically you haven't abolished.


The link provides a nutshell. It is not only a US phenomenon but "we" have the greatest history of abuse.

I forget the name of the institution or the southern state it's in, but its administrator and several local judges were recently jailed (was it last year?) for imposing maximum sentences and refusing probation to keep federal funding and maintain their free labor force.


Here is one such case, though not the one I was thinking of...



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