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LINK Chris Christie: Jared Kushner's father committed 'one of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes' - CNNPolitics

The apple doesn't fall far, but it does turn even more rotten!

"Christie was referring to an elaborate revenge plot that the older Kushner hatched in 2003 in order to target his his brother-in-law, William Schulder, a former employee turned witness for federal prosecutors in their case against Kushner, who was under investigation at the time for making illegal campaign contributions.

As a part of the plot, Kushner hired a prostitute to lure Schulder into having sex in a Bridgewater, New Jersey, motel room as a hidden camera rolled. A tape of the encounter was then sent to Kushner's sister and Schulder's wife, Esther."

jerry99 8 Jan 30

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TY for posting. I'd seen interviews with Christie but I did not know all the gory details of why Christie prosecuted senior. Total evil scum.


Kushner Sr. and Trump are like two of the same sort of loathsome assholes.

Trump got his then senile father to write his brother out of the will. Trump had been paying for his cerebral palsied nephew's hospital bills with his inheritance money, some $250-300 million. Trump's brother sued the estate for his share of the inheritance. In retaliation, Trump cut off paying his nephew's medical expenses. “I was angry because they sued,” he explained. []


Republicans seem to be nasty people.

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