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How do I "take this"?

When I look in the mirror, I still see brown hair, though turning gray.
At coffee this morning I was telling the server how I used to donate my hair to "Locks of Love".
I said that I doubted they would want it anymore, since it was "turning gray".
She asked...
"What color was it before it turned gray?"

KevinAverett 7 Feb 1

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I stopped coloring my hair about a year ago. I actually LOVE the color! Yeah, I have some grey, but I like that, too! After being told (by my mother, thanks so much) that she ‘never thought god made mistakes until I was born-you should have had blonde hair.’. Nice. Be careful what you say to children!!!!!! I spent 45 years coloring my hair!!!


Worrying about turning gray is kind of silly. and really vain....


I have this "caregiver" role to fulfill.
When I put that much heart and soul out for people to wipe their boots on, it's crushing.
When mentioned (bio) "inspiration hits me" I write in private.
Tears flow like rivers.
I need to take breaks to "recover".
I virtually live (or HAVE lived) every emotion on the page.
I'm a proven empath.
I can well up over a tv commercial showing emotion.

I just can't afford to come out of my shell...just now.

String bounced DeStijl


Laugh and move on?
Reality check?

No big deal and nothing to lose sleep over...


I think the healthiest response would be to laugh it off. 🙂


Cry me a river. I would love a head of gray hair. I haven't had any hair in 15 years. 😟


I was in the military for 20 years, during which time I never needed to renew my driver's license. When I finally did need to renew it, the woman asked, "Hair color?" I responded "Brown", only to hear her quietly utter, "Grey." Grrrrr.

I have accepted "salt and pepper"... but "gray" is a hard pill to swallow.


That's a silly question. I think they do accept gray hair - but graying hair? Ask a smarter server.


And how old did this server look to be?

35 ish

@KevinAverett I just read your bio. You actually think men "turn" gay or bi because they have bad relationships with women?

I'm "deeper than THAT".
People can make that decision for whatever reason they like.
I simply haven't questioned my own sexuality.

@KevinAverett It's NOT a decision! I have to assume the Mormons taught you that and you still buy into it. It's ridiculously wrong.

Oh, for hells sake!
Must I explain myself to you on a 3rd grade level?
If you have questions, pm me.
If you are gonna try to "embarrass" me HERE....good luck.
I don't CARE what anybody ELSE does with THEIR sexuality.
I accept people for how they treat OTHER people!
I would be the first person in the bar to step up and DEFEND YOU against a crowd that didn't like you for your sex, sexual PREFERENCE, religion, color, or whether you drive a Chevy, Ford, or Hyundai!
I would ride with you if you rode a Honda, Harley, BMW, Kawasaki or fucking MOPED...if you are a "good person".
Now, if you wanna preach to me about preconceived prejudices... give ME the "right" to be ME.

@KevinAverett I think that the notion that people choose their sexual preference is outdated now. These days its accepted that people are born that way and just take time to discover it. I am hetro and have the attitude to just let people be themselves whatever that is. It sounds like you are the same as me in that way. My hair is also grey by the way but i fucking love it!! 🙂

@DeStijl Some people are gay for the stay, some people are gay for a day, some people are gay & jolly. And to complicate it all, a little sexual fluidity ~ meaning? They're whatever they choose to be whenever they choose it. (The old nature v nurture debate isn't really pressing in today's maturing sexual climate.)


@KevinAverett First of all, you can calm down. This is in your bio---

I'm the last man on Earth that would ever turn bi or gay...but I understand why many do.

It certainly looks like you think "many" men decide to "turn" gay for whatever reasons that you claim to "understand." If you're completely clear on the fact that nobody "turns" gay or "decides" to be gay, you might want to re-word your bio.

Whether you are BORN attracted to the same sex or have personal reasons stemming from life experiences which "drive you" that way is moot to me.
As stated...."I'm brutally honest".
I....PERSONALLY haven't held a person on my arms (other than family) for 3 years.
Sure, I miss it.
I miss feeling wanted and desired PHYSICALLY.
I'VE had 2 marriages which broke my heart.
What you read in my BIO, was this expression.
What I miss MOST, is having the whispers in my ear like...
"Where did you come from? I love you SO much". I've NEVER had a man treat me the way YOU DO!"...
when they thought I was asleep and didn't HEAR them.
THEN they would jump into bed with a guy who had more drugs in his pocket than I did.
READ it again.
I apologize for expecting you to read between the lines.

@KevinAverett I'm a professional writer and editor. I always read between the lines. As your bio is written, you appear to be suggesting that you think men "turn" gay because of disappointing relationships with women. I pretty much ALWAYS read everything in editor mode and I'd red-pencil that!

I thought that my Bio was already too long.
I could express my SOUL through my short stories and poetry easier than TRYING to fir it into such a short space as a bio.

@KevinAverett PS. I'll be 59 next month. I've colored my hair for years. I've decided I will have it dyed silver on my 65th birthday and not a day before!

@KevinAverett OK hold on here! You write poetry and short stories? A lot of women love a romantic gentleman of letters! As an editor and a woman who loves sensitive gentlemen, I'd say express your soul!! Delete all the negativity and write about the love you hope to give and find! Sending you a (((hug)))

I am all natural.
I hate pretending to be anyone.
Sure, I shave sometimes (usually weekly) but, I try to be "real".
I use my real name.
My pics are relatively current (I don't like cameras pointed at me) but take them occasionally to show the real me.
If you saw me in a would know me.
I TRY to be as open as possible.
I'd rather you dislike me QUICKLY, than "invest time in you" and feel hurt in the long run.
It's a self preservation defense mechanosm.

Many are seen as too "dark".
I share the "light ones".

I just want to let you BOTH know much I THOROUGHLY enjoy when people MISTAKE caps for good WORD emphasis.

Lol jk plz continue. I've brought popcorn.

@KevinAverett I'm sure you know, as a writer, how your writing can be a way to process your emotions. If you need to process hurt and pain, write about it! Maybe create a blog with a pseudonym. Let the anger out and then leave it there. But apply positive aspirations to your hopes for the future! Write about the kind of love you long to GIVE and SHARE! Do you realize how much women complain about men who can't communicate? Men who don't share what's in their hearts and souls? A lot of women would LOVE to meet an expressive gentleman!

I hit "comment" instead of answer.
It's at top of string.

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