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What's the best financial advice you've received?

Flowers28 5 Feb 2

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  1. Pay off your credit card every month.
  2. Pay an extra loan payment any time you receive a money gift or bonus.
  3. start saving for retirement early.
UUNJ Level 8 Feb 2, 2019

Be financially independent and don't get married.

  1. Never be financially dependent on a man.
Orbit Level 7 Feb 2, 2019



Don't buy that.


Pay yourself first. In other words, contribute as much as you can to a 401K if you have one.


Dont ever get married and have kids. You (male) will end up penniless and a debt slave should it go wrong.


Save your money, put money into an IRA, don't be house or car poor.


No one piece of information.
Be thoughtful when you purchase, separate wants and needs, education can help but is not a guarantee with student loans and malleable job markets, if you have enough resources, investment in the long-term may help, but again, no one way to be financially successful.


Take care of and pay for your needs first, what is left you can enjoy some of what you want.


Hold on to your money you cannot buy anything with your looks!


Focus on paying off your smallest debt immediately then continue paying off the smallest of your debts; use the money that you were paying on your smallest debt in addition to help clear debts faster.


Don't loan anyone anymore than $20 even if you can afford it.

Rule of 72. Use IRA's and Mutual Funds when you are young. Don't use a credit card. Don't buy a brand new vehicle when you are young. You will have payments that will last a while with interest. Save your money. You can buy a new car now, or if you invest, you can buy a new car every year when you retire. The traditional way to have a lot of money is to save it.


"Don't take financial advice from strangers on social media"?


"Divorce" saved my soul!


Spend it all and die in debt!

Credit cards automatically insure your death. It's built into the interest rate.

@FrayedBear Do they? Whoop!

@Amisja It was 20 years ago so I doubt that they will have changed that one.

@Amisja Check with whomever issued it.

@FrayedBear I don't really have a lot of credit card debt or any other debt. I am really rather dull

@Amisja Lol. I don't have a credit card. In some respects I live like a king, in others a pauper. Pride can be a very very expensive luxury that I was forced to learn to eschew long ago.

@FrayedBear We have similar values. Money is just a thing. As long as I can grow stuff and cook on a wood burner, I can survive the apocalypse


everything is free, unless you buy it.


I never received yet coz ...I'm not tried by this time ....Which means advice is not a matter for the financial it all happens when we are involved


Do not be a slave of Mammon.


Evidently none!


Stay away from redheads.


Of course I’ve wondered what it would be like to have ignored that advice ?

@Haemish1 Hahaha


Dont buy stuff that's beyond your means, to pay for and invest


Go to university


Buy low, sell high.

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