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Do you ever experience FOMO?

Do you experience "Fear of missing out?" I keep seeing memes and discussions. Luckily, I do not think this is a problem for me. Is it for you? Why or why not?

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orange_girl 8 Feb 23

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I am sorry if I sometimes miss an event I wanted to attend but I also know that there is no way to see or do everything. There is a whole world of things that I will miss out on and I can't let that be a factor in my life.


I realise i will miss out on a lot in life, but hell compared to much of the world I am so fortunate.
But I still get peeved, jealous I guess.

I guess that's part of the problem . . . people fear missing out, but are they really missing out on anything? I choose to not join various things going on around me, so I don't feel like I miss out. Maybe I'm officially a hermit?


That's why I am here now.....what did I miss?????

Oh, too late! You missed "it!" LOL


Mostly when I was a kid. Sometimes I experience it on New Year's Eve if I have nothing to do. NYE always seems like the holiday where you see tons of people partying on tv and if you have nothing to do you feel left out.


I've certainly experienced it. Though not so much fear, as a general sadness.

There's an event that I go to that's held on the first Friday of each month that I've been going to for about 5 years now. I attended 23 of the 24 events in the first two years of going. The one I missed out on was because another event had put the hotel prices through the roof.

I still enjoy it, though it's got too expensive and too samey to be doing it every month. But those first few times I skipped it were quite depressing. Sitting at home, knowing I should be out having a good time.

I still get twinges of it now, especially when the ones who are there are posting what they're up to all over social media. But I'd rather do it on a generous budget every other month than on a tight one, monthly, so roughly every other month is the best solution right now.


I'm a polar opposite. I've never been a fashion victim but I have to my annoyance been a victim of fashion.


Man, do I ever! I moved to Las Vegas a year ago and I was immediately invited to the opening of an amazing new antique shop in which the mayor gave a speech. I had savings to fund a modest lifestyle while visiting a lot of places, networking and just be a man around this wonderful town.

I only scratched the surface to find out just how competitive a town this is and how insanely money is worshipped. I've had more out of town, even international, models who showed an interest in working with me for a percentage of the work itself...even local newbs want me to pay THEM for rehearsals and training in modeling and musical theater, for which I should be charging them!

But then this is a town full of very experienced arts and entertainment teachers, managers...and, of course shysters...I have no hope (YET!!!) of competing with. Besides continuing to help some beginning models get started (pro bono...and that has often been very profitable), I'll continue to hope one of them believes in my act enough to invest the time in training for and preparing it till it becomes profitable.

So, I'm again looking for a regular dead end job, here in a hovel just a few miles from the Strip.

Oh well...thanks for letting me share!


I'm glad i don't suffer from FOMO. would hate to have to try the trendy darwinism challenges like the tide pod challenge. lol.

how bout Tide pod challenge while bungee jumping?


When I read the headline, I thought it meant fo' mo' years of Trump.

godef Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

Oh make believe god noooooo!

LOL Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooooo!


It seems to be a big problem with people that buy stocks. Don't you wish you could go back in time and buy Apple stock or Google stock or Birkshire Hathaway when they were first offered?


Yes whenever I see a band I like us playing and I can't afford to go

This is the most legit reason I've heard for FOMO!


Don't do if only or what ifs. I make a decision and get on with the rest of my life. I can go to a restaurant, order my meal then put down the menu and wait for it to arrive without critiquing every other plate of food as it comes out to see what I'm missing out on.Anybody who wants to start up the whole maybe you should have done thing with me after the decision is made gets short shrift because I am not going to spend my life worrying about what I may have missed out on. Sure way to make yourself dissatisfied with what you do have.

Kimba Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

Other. Because I would "fear" it. Then I would just shrugged my shoulders and forget about it. Apathy can be used for good.


Yes, I guess. I have that issue with original Misfits reunion shows. I want to go to all of them. I missed the two riot fest shows already. I guess. Is that what the acronym refers to?

No. There seems to be a new phenomenon (no thanks to Facebook, I'm sure) where people have become obsessed with missing something/missing out on what their friends are doing. For example, a friend posts a selfie at an event and others who are sat home have FOMO (fear of missing out).

It kinda sounds the same, Idk. Lol @orange_girl

Haha, all of my friends make decent incomes, they go out on Saturday night while my broke slave ass sits at home. @orange_girl


I've been told I'm missing out on the love of Jesus.

Good answer. LOL


I don't have a smart phone and have no desire to be so connected to the internet. I play well alone but do enjoy others - on my terms. LOL I don't even have caller ID on my land line - I AM a risk taker!!

Keep fighting the good fight. 🙂


I used to, but as I move closer and closer to death, it no longer affects me.

Whenever I hear FOMO, it reminds me of the early days of the lottery, when everyone in the office would contribute....I did, too, because I couldn't stand the thought of how horrible it would be if they actually won and I wasn't part of it. 😕

marga Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

My mother-in-law was one of the first people to win the British lottery. £95,000 quid. Devil looks after his own.

I shouldn't speak ill of her now as she can not reply.


I don't think I'm worried about missing out on anything. At my age, if I haven't done it (yes, that list is endless), there's little chance I will, so I just accept that. That does not mean there's nothing I still would like to do.


I missed out on the anachronism, you caught me...


No, I'm a loner and don't really enjoy the company of others.

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