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Do you think being on a site like this, with constant validation on a specific topic, can lead to more rigid thought patterns? That it can bolster your opinions in a negative way? I have noticed a slight change in how I view religion in the short time since I have joined. I have become more aware of issues around me involving religion and my tolerance level has decreased slightly. Or is this just a natural change due to seeing bs more clearly and recognizing it?

Levi_Hinton 7 Feb 23

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Echo chambers only repeat and amplify what you put into them.

I go looking for the stuff I disagree with, and force myself to consider it, actively working to suppress my cognitive biases. @AxeElf, for example, is good medicine for me in that regard.

I can be lazy, go with the flow of my own thoughts, and let the current carry downstream--to all the same places I've been before.

Or I can row against the current, get stronger, and see some new sights.

Either way, it's all up to me.


I'm not on this site to change my views (although I am always open to new thoughts and conclusions). I am on this site to breathe fresh air. It feels good. I find the people here so interesting and I enjoy their comments even when they disagree with me. But I must say they have made me more comfortable in the beliefs I have that do not coincide with the main stream,


I think I get enough input from almost all other aspects of the society I live in to counter any bubble that may exist around this site.


I don't believe there is constant validation on this site, not from my perspective anyway. that's part of what I like, learning and maybe teaching.


No, I am on the site for conversation rather than dating, though, never say never.
But it isn't the theist vs atheist conversations that I am here for.
I like to converse with people who who can consider an issue based purely on reality, who accept the evidence around them and include it in their view on the world.


Definitely possible, and why I don't address certain posts at all. If anything, I'm trying to expand my tolerance in general .

The world has quite enough intolerance already !


Don't you think it is like any grieving process? You loose something that was important to you, at one time or the other! Even, if it was only an idea. Every loss must be grieved, sometimes it isn't necessary to go thru all 5 stages! Denial, bargaining, .? .anger, acceptance. I can't remember one of the stages, but I do know that anger was one.

DABDA: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

@marga thanks, I hoped someone would be more current than i...


'hope not. I want to be the same walking out I was walking in because I was already defined. Not here for validation or to fix me up. There are no doubts on me and what is unknown to me, it will be unknown until revealed and I will accept that as part of the path. I am a tourist in this life... not here to change, make better or worse. I am here to be as I am... as I was... as I will be. I came here for the music... I stay for the dance. The roll of my life.


Yes. I noticed sometime back online Atheist and Agnostic sites increased, validated, my own beliefs in regards to religion.


Yes, I think it can lead to more rigidity. That's the case with almost all groups: like-minded people get together because they think alike; then, with no dissenting views, they are not forced to think about other viewpoints, and their own are reinforced. This is the purpose of many groups. Many people get a high from community gatherings.

The downside is that they become comfortable within their own little group and become less tolerant of anyone who may happen along to upset that.

marga Level 7 Feb 23, 2018

It would be interesting to know how many people on this site, consider themselves outsiders and like myself...a joiner...only to a certain point? You could never count on a mass hysteria crowd! So this group may be more independent thinkers than the average!

@Freedompath That would be interesting, but my personal opinion is that this group has no more independent thinkers than any other group.


It depends on the person, but like any site, you should do your own research to verify what you see.

JimG Level 8 Feb 23, 2018

I guess that is possible, though I don't think it will happen for me. I have my beliefs, yet I have friends who have different ones and I'm ok with that. My family runs the gamut in regards to religion. You honestly would have a hard time finding one that hasn't been at least tried on by someone in my family. Im cool with it. I like deversity


its because you are seeing bs more cleary and recognising it


I don't believe it has increased or decreased my religious tolerance. Tolerance in general I think it has increased. To my ennui, I don't find much that to be that moved by, for or against. I know there are many newer to the fold here. I have long since moved on from many of these issues. I am not so much interested in what the faithful do, I am more interested in what the faithless will do now. I think we have to get over religion to move beyond it and improve the human condition to the extent that may be possible. It is clear many of us here have issues with it to overcome for ourselves.


I believe that happens with a bunch of groups. There more someone is only expose to people that think like you, the more intolerant they becomes. I think anyway.

JeffB Level 6 Feb 23, 2018

I tend to avoid the religious posts on here as most of the opinions I have heard before the other posts I find more fun


It is most definitely a natural change due to seeing bullshit more clearly and recognizing it.
This is not a bad thing.


I'd love to hear a fact based argument to the contrary.


Try arguing FOR something you disagree with. really try too. you just might change your own mind lol


Your concern about constant validation is however evident whenever Trump / Clinton politics comes up because only one side is represented.


No, I've had the same point of view since childhood. What's really nice is I don't feel so isolated since I've been here.


The religious discussions here can be good, the positive and negative aspects are both covered, not equally but both are mentioned.

Owing to so many different Christian pasts people here can share and talk sensibly about the Christian religion.


It just sounds like you're integrating new information into your understanding.

The other thing that's going on is that you're paying more attention to those particular aspects of life. It's always helpful to keep that in mind. For example a lot of what gets groused about in atheist circles is related to fundamentalist Christianity, and it's easy to paint all of Christianity with that brush, even while ignoring other religions and their influence, not to mention, the foolishness that atheists are perfectly capable of getting themselves up to.

While railing against confirmation bias in others, we must be ever vigilant to guard against it in ourselves, and always make sure we're operating with epistemological humility.


Uh, oh.

I would prefer that my tolerance levels rise.

I'm not sure, but I am going to be a bit more mindful of my attitude.

Just in case...


If only the religious would mind their on business, not be trying to kill each other and everyone else, recognize they're destroying the planet...

Still, I don't think my opinions have changed much though I've learned a lot, done a lot of research and considered some things that I'd never thought of before.

In that way I've become more open minded. I'm agnostic though...I require little in the way of validation.

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