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Hey all, I am new to this site. I never knew there were sites for those of us who are not the 95% who go to sleep every night with the warm, fuzzy feeling that there is a greater being watching out for them.

Prometheus209 3 Feb 24

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Hey all,

I will post more later. I am listening to jazz and smoking weed right now.


I've found the people on this site to be supportive, funny and extremely talkative. LOL I sought out this site, and another for people with disabilities, due to recovering from a recent suicide attempt and needing coping skills and a support network. You'll find everything from regular every day posts to deep, thought provoking threads.


Hi, and welcome!

I like your profile answers, but it would be great if you added details to your profile story as well.


Well that may not be entirely true.
At this site you can go to sleep every night with the feeling there is a great fuzzy being watching you.
I am a hacker from way back, I have great size and I am fuzzy.

laughs hysterically


Welcome to the real world my friend. James

Leon Level 5 Feb 24, 2018

Welcome! We post things from the absurd to the challenging. I think you will like it here if you give it a chance.


Welcome and let us oblige you.


Welcome heathen! The truth is out there


I sure hope that the others out there do not represent 95% of us. We have been working so hard to convert those believers! Welcome aboard


Welcome! This post reminded me of the "Now I lay me down to sleep..." night time prayer for kids. Seriously, putting the thought of possibly dying in one's sleep into the mind of a child at bedtime. And, making them think all would be okay if they do--as long as they pray for god to take their soul should it happen--sick and twisted.

Think of the lullaby "Rock a Bye Baby". How morbid.....




Welcome! Actually there are many but this may be a first for an unbelievers' social media, hopefully soon the be dating site.

Settle in, read some posts and start following your's getting better!


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay!!!

Do you want the window or the aisle bed?

@Melbates They're all window beds. On the aisle.

@KKGator laughing uncontrollably

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