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What if the asteroid that crashed into the earth 65 million years ago was an alien spaceship, and we are the aliens?

NicThePoet 7 Feb 24

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I thinks there’s too much evidence we evolved from more primitive life, but that it’s very possible our original genetic material came from older asteroids or comets...


As I am in the UK , as far as I am concerned you are an alien . I suppise that works both ways !


In a roundabout sense, that is highly likely. The genetic makeup, to create beings like ourselves, wasn't here beforehand. So, the probability would seem high. At best, we're an act of random chaos. In the debate of "why we are here." Realizing the construct of the universe is infinite. Then so are the possibilities of how our existence came to be. If I had to answer "Why we're here?" I would say, the opportunity of being human is just that. Be a human. Be as random as our creation, as fragile as our bodies, as capable as our energy will allow, as human as humanity will afford. Individually we are temporary. Yet our origin and legacy are infinite.

Pardon my rambling. Just my two cents.


I've always wondered if our solar system floated through a cloud of some type of organic matter that clung to the early Earth as we made our way around the galaxy.


it would make the theory of evolution obsolete.

dc65 Level 7 Feb 24, 2018

I'm not a big "science" person but that theory has been postulated in several ways.

I think the most conceivable is that it created, or at least contributed to, the conditions that allowed the single celled beasties who would later evolve into us.


Not possible

dc65 Level 7 Feb 24, 2018

Sounds more probable than most religions.

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