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LINK Veterans are dying by suicide in VA hospital parking lots, exposing deadly gap in mental health care

As a veteran this story is breaking my fucking heart.
And all I want is for our government to come up with a better system to treat our soldiers after they’ve served.

But most importantly to stop creating new ones!!
And to stop the glorifying of war by our media

Especially when we don’t have a draft and there’s fucking people cheering the prospect of our children killing someone else’s fucking when they or their fucking children don’t have to go!!

And to make themselves feel better they go out and wave a fucking flag a couple times a year but call the cops when some mentally unstable amputee byproduct of one of our wars is begging for money too close to where they work. ?

Seriously all of you who are upset about us leaving Syria and Afghanistan or are cheering the idea of us invading and overthrowing Venezuela.

I hope that when you read this that you will see the victims and their families in your hearts and in your minds.
And that maybe you might turn to all of government and say no more.

48thRonin 8 Feb 10

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May I say something that’s rarely if ever brought up publicly…?

Lacking a draft, our best people are not going to war. Those with few employment options, or, those incapable of fitting into society to begin with are, often with mental problems.

I’m closing fast on 62. I watched Vietnam come & go.. It fucked with me that - why pay attention in school … if I get back from Vietnam - then I’ll worry about ‘career education,’ or whatever. I’d have gone, my dad had trained my brother and I well for just that..

So, I stayed home (went to college to be a cop), ending up fighting the economic battles that kept this country from exporting every last fucking product or production job it had. We lost that, too ~

But guys were still going, with nowhere to fight? I always listened close to Nam era Vets, and had a good one as a supervisor once. He said, “The war didn’t fuck those guys up,” “I was there, and saw as much as anyone.” “Those guys were fucked up before they went.” If you’d met him, you’d not question him - not because he’d twist yur head off ...but because he was cool.. spoke the truth.

Same guy, had his sister’s fuckup son to raise. The son, a couple years younger than me had already been in the military. But it became ‘my job’ to get him to work, for the boss - shit. He’d started before me, I ended up with his job - he screwed up outside work, and a judge gave him the choice: jail, or back to the military. Around 3 months later he drove an army jeep off a cliff in CA… Had made his uncle (boss & Vet) his beneficiary, Uncle gave it to his mother..

Ten years later, same kind of ..fuck up, different factory. No wife, kids, estranged family, but would go on.. about his military exploits for ..days. I was one of few who listened. Conclusion - a guy my age, chose the military because he knew he couldn’t make it in civilian life, and as screwed up ‘now’ as ever..

Met a Vet while passing out political shit after that.. Said he’d watched me go up the street, and that he doesn't let anyone in or near his house. .. He invited me in, said I looked OK.. Described always living alone, shown me his glass encased military medals, and explained them. Went on to describe atrocities I’d not repeat, and began to cry..

...I’d been on a local internet ‘discussion board’ at the time, much like this ..current members included. I contacted our resident ‘hero’ (special forces, and damn sharp), asked if he knew of any help for this guy.. I cared, cus that’s how we fucked up Democrats roll… Don’t know what ever happened to him ..he’d obviously lived alone there for many years. I’d drive by, to stop if I saw him, but never seen him outside.

Not everyone in or through the military is messed up, of course. I’d watched a lot of ‘our best’ recruited fresh from my daughters’ rural high school. They had no viable options (and the recruiters knew that), the mill was gone, the mobile home factory closed, the steel mill only laid off, home building was going to illegal immigrants, farming & logging were mechanized - the US no longer made anything - and Walmart was an obvious dead in. The military, as it had been to me, was portrayed as what, not only ‘made you a Man’ - but provided you the skills and education opportunity to succeed when finished!

They’d do their shit, get out & home … but nothing had changed. In fact - some returned to the worst damn recession-depression of our lives! What jobs? An education leading to where..? The stress & responsibility of a family? I’ve known some who returned to combat zones as private contractors.. And if any of them were struggling to begin with.. I can understand calling it quits.

Hell - I was losing my families century farm, raising teenage daughters alone ..and barely staying afloat in ‘the real world.’ Divorce looming, economic freefall, about to lose the home I’d built … and very attuned to the suicide rate of returning US Veterans.. I’d cry - still do ~

We need National Health care. Hell - make it the best in the world! Early mental health screening and treatment for troubled youth. Health care that allows young families a far less stressful experience raising children. Mental health screening and treatment for everyone - not dumping our crisisses at ER’s or police stations..

I say whatever the fuck we’ve got now is not working - so why the fuck not try anything different?! Are we so scared of FOX propaganda that a subset of dogdamn billionaires don’t have enough to help us provide for those keeping alive the nation - if not the world - so as they can continue to profit handsomely..?

I get the feeling some are ready to grab pichforks or AK’s and storm the fuckin gates.. It’s not what I’d like to see, but there may come a time when that’s the only option (count me in). Yah - I’m off the fuckin rails here.. But never think the death of a good, if troubled man is lost on me. I’ve been there - in my own way. ..and am open to suggestions ~

Varn Level 8 Feb 10, 2019

Well thank you for sharing that really because I was one of those people who had little options or at least I felt that way at the time.

But I also grew up in Hampton roads and if you’ve ever been then you that I was surrounded by military and I felt that there’s no way that i could screw that up.

Lol not for a lack of trying i came close a few times but when desert shield kicked off we were already in the air and we stayed there after desert storm was a wrap.

And even though we didn’t see any direct conflict we still inherited the wonderful job of gathering post war intelligence and yeah anyway.

We knew before we left that we’d be back because we neve made it into Baghdad because we were sent to Kuwait to secure the oil fires ( the cause for that war btw )

But as we all know we did go back and those boys faced some really really horrible shit and once that started get under control then we turned to using forced intelligence gathering.

Hence where the wonderful title “ door kickers “ came from. So now you’ve got 18-20 year old young men busting into people’s houses and more often than not shooting anyone who moved.
Well at least that’s what I was hearing from some of the rookie law enforcement officers that I was field training.

Yep big reason why I left that field but I did attempt to bring it to the attention of my superiors but anyway we’ve all seen in the news the increase in people being shot and killed by reactionary cops.

And before go from this you spoke about how Vietnam vets felt about all that they’d seen and did and so did I growing up.

And one thing that I never had a real veteran ever do was size up his war against those who had fought in others and I believe that was because a soldier knows that each war is different and each individual experiences it differently as well.

This also means that each individual will most likely recover from it differently and unfortunately the VA is still a branch of government so they don’t do well with individuality therefore they assign ailments and do blanket treatments.

And this is how well that works.?


How they handle mental health issues is insane --- they literally gave me three sheets of providers and told me to find one I liked....but that I had to call and find out if the provider was even taking new patients...or even still here in town. Or, you can schedule an appointment through them for about 120 days from now for an "assessment".

It's like they don't realize that crippling PTSD and depression makes it hard to even leave the house let alone pick up the phone and call strangers.

Can't say that I haven't thought about offing myself more than once. Most days, I still think of it as a viable option if the time ever comes.

Also, we need to bring all our troops back home. This is why I became a Libertarian and have worked for the LP campaigns for over the past decade. We have NO BUSINESS being in these foreign lands.

I love this country but the current Democrat/Republican bullshit has got to end.

Thank you for your service and I personally wish that you didn’t have to endure the pain that you do.

I tried it their way and all I got was frustrated but they also were frustrated with me because I refused any meds for my PTSD.
Because I wanted me back and not some drugged she’ll of who I was.

And I beg of you that if you’re feeling as though you’re ever at that point and you see me on here reach out and if not then please reach out to someone anyone who is available. Please!!

And I absolutely agree with you in regards to the libertarian party even though I supported Bernie I voted for Gary Johnson mainly because of his position on US intervention.


Can you say #petrodollar? I knew you could

Yes very sadly I can ?


I saw a documentary that had the actor from the Sopranos in it. On HBO, wish I could recall the name of it. They said a veteran commits suicide almost every MINUTE.
It’s a crisis of such huge proportions.

Very sadly it’s true ?

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