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QUESTION Mount Rainier's Glaciers Retreating, Likely At Fastest Rate Ever Seen In Summer's Heat | KNKX

If you have an option, go somewhere and see the glaciers before they are gone.

Akfishlady 8 Feb 24

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Glacier National Park is on my list of destinations on a road trip mext year. In a few years, they’ll have to rename it Cold Lake Park. #notreallyfunny


Keep burning toxic fossil fuels to melt ice way below freezing Temps like road salt and bleach the ocean ecosystem until nobody gets fish for religious rituals


Wow that's bad! I lived out there for 5 years, never saw it like that.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

I watched the recession of two glaciers up in Alaska over two years, significant, frightening and amazing at the same time

The Davidson and Mendenhal

Where abouts did you live up there? I was in Haines and surrounding area


The environment is degrading very quickly,it seems. Truly alarming.


Oh no!! We used to love to go up to the ice caves.

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