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What made you an atheist/agnostic?

Hey! I have never used my account here, so I decided to make a question for a start. Consider me to be new.

Edit: Holy shit, I was not expecting such feedback. Thanks guys!

angelotzovanis 4 Feb 12

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A friend of mine told me his mother made him an atheist, and that if I gave her the wool she'd make me one too.


God, or dog, I forget. Welcome though.


Because no just god could allow the same question to be posted so frequently.
And, welcome, of course.

@angelotzovanis "Schellenberg argues that, since there are nonbelievers who are capable of a personal relationship with God and who do not resist it, there is no perfectly loving God,..."

Who says there are nonbelievers who are capable of a personal relationship with God? Who says they don't resist? goobly gook? If this is science I am going over to woo.


I was born this way

Best answer ever!!!!

Me, too. I was not indoctrinated, either.


Because through out history, Religion has caused nothing but pain and suffering.

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