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What made you an atheist/agnostic?

Hey! I have never used my account here, so I decided to make a question for a start. Consider me to be new.

Edit: Holy shit, I was not expecting such feedback. Thanks guys!

By angelotzovanis4
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Welcome. Join some groups and contribute.

Twelve years of catholic hypocrisy and much reading on other subjects.

@angelotzovanis There is a philosophy group and a critical thinking group.


Dharma cafe is nice.
Just search the groups section and you will find many interesting options.


I went to a catholic private grammar school... and an all girl catholic high, creative thinking skills kicked in in sophomore year... and it was over.... especially after a particularly disturbing sermon asking for more money by a priest that looked like a sow, and wore a toupee. My mom got her money's worth after all!! ??

catholics make the best atheists Lol!

@Bierbasstard Yeah... and unscathed by all the abuse. But then I was the ultimate nonconformist... so I was a predator's nightmare with my strong personality. Because t recently I watched The Keepers..... and now simply loathe ANY religion... because it's not only catholics that victimize children... and the weak... it's all religions. They look for products of parents that teach their children to never question church "teachings."


Spotlight is a good movie. I like Leah Remini's scientology series too.

Yeah, in 11th grade I renounced my belief in chrisr. The rest of my time there the friars referred to me as that pagan. Lol!

@Bierbasstard I'd hazard to say they'd be the second best coming in behind those who were educated but not indoctrinated from birth.

@Bierbasstard Jeez mate, you only got the 'pagan' bit, you mustn't have trying all that hard then...LOL.
I copped everything from Pagan to Heathen, Devil's Spawn, Heretic, Anti-Christ and heaps more besides BUT hey I got EXPELLED from every Sunday School my 'mother' forced to go to, plus every School Scripture Class as well and all because I asked questions they couldn't/ wouldn't answer.


Exactly. They introduced world religions and I had one question. What makes ours better than any of theirs? The answer? Faith. Yeah... Nope.

Shcool was something that I did for six hours a day. Nothing in my life outside of that was religious.

@Bierbasstard My family celebrates holidays and traditions. one ever shoved down my throat; I merely learned my parents following traditions... and i still love celebrating Easter, Xmas and.... that's it. lol We cook and drink... and catch up on life. the old folks go to . ?


A friend of mine told me his mother made him an atheist, and that if I gave her the wool she'd make me one too.


God, or dog, I forget. Welcome though.


Because no just god could allow the same question to be posted so frequently.
And, welcome, of course.

@angelotzovanis "Schellenberg argues that, since there are nonbelievers who are capable of a personal relationship with God and who do not resist it, there is no perfectly loving God,..."

Who says there are nonbelievers who are capable of a personal relationship with God? Who says they don't resist? goobly gook? If this is science I am going over to woo.


I was born this way

Amisja Level 8 Feb 12, 2019

Best answer ever!!!!

Me, too. I was not indoctrinated, either.


Because through out history, Religion has caused nothing but pain and suffering.

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