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What made you an atheist/agnostic?

Hey! I have never used my account here, so I decided to make a question for a start. Consider me to be new.

Edit: Holy shit, I was not expecting such feedback. Thanks guys!

By angelotzovanis4
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I got my first college degree from a Lutheran college where I took 5 of the religion classes. I also taught a couple of the adult bible study classes at the last church I was a member of. It took my third time of reading that book from beginning to end to start my questioning and additional reading. So, all of those things ended my belief in the many "gods" that are described in that book.

gsiamne Level 8 Feb 12, 2019

I use to think there was something not any specific god but just something.I tried to debate my friend and couldn't really come up with anything that could "beat" him so i did more research (alot) and found people such as Richard Dawkins and it completely changed my mind and made me realize how messed up religion is so I became an atheist. That is pretty much it


Child rape. I was Roman Catholic for years. I could accept all the bullshit fairy tales, but then when the child molestation cover up happened,,, I said, "wait!,,, talking ? Snake, Noah's arch, 6,000 year old earth, walking on water, virgin birth"... All bullshit!

Coffeeman Level 7 Apr 22, 2019

Anyone know how to edit our posts? I just noticed mine is full of errors.

The three bars beside "reply" will give you that option


Since I was a child I was skeptical


Since I was a child I was skeptical


My mother and father by the act of procreation.

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