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Typical misleading headline (Your Home) Not even close.

My state the average monthly electrical usage is 1,200 KWh /month = 40,000WH/day their 1050 equivalent lighting (LED) gives us about 277 watts. (the number shown on their unmarked meter) According to Human Power . org, An adult of good fitness is more likely to average between 50 and 150 watts for an hour of vigorous exercise. Over an 8-hour work shift, an average, healthy, well-fed and motivated manual laborer may sustain an output of around 75 watts of work. Even if we roughly double the output of what a human is noted to produce, a one hour workout would give us 277/40,000 = 0.6925% of needed power (an hour a day) for a typical house in my part of the world.

Too good to be true.

@Closeted I knew it was bunk before running the math. I remember the bad old days when I had (for a few days before removing the junk 6 watt generator attached to a bike. If you weren't riding down a steep hill, it was pretty much impossible to generate enough power to light a single flash-light bulb.


Sadly he isn't talking about an average home in the US.


Sigh, there is always a catch.

Oh foo. That would have been so awesome.

@slydr68 Definitely.


I go to the gym now for over an hour most days. That will change once I start working again. I'd give this a try, depending on the price.


I’d be willing to provide the power for my home in that way.

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