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If you could go on a retreat, where would you go?

I am working on developing healing art retreats for people with anxiety and would like some feedback. These are basic locations but if you want to get specific, please do.

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helionoftroy 7 Feb 12

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The mountains in Europe.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 15, 2019

Any of these places except tropical island.


So far mountains is in the lead. Europe a close second and coast and tropical island are tied for third. Thanks y’all!!


Nothing like the rhythm of the waves to relax me.


I am in Europe...where can I go?


Definitely mountains.
Take the motorhome, side by side, dogs, and just go.

Driving a motor home through the mountains would be scary.

I live about 1 mile from the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains.
I grew up in them.


I think some of the issues involved with some of these destinations can be triggers, and in some cases depending upon the time of the year. I voted for Coast, but that would depend upon whether or not it was hurricane season and exactly how susceptible the particular spot is.

With anxiety everything or nothing could be a trigger. The retreat involves art therapy and a tranquil setting. Thanks for your input!!

@helionoftroy Hmm. Yeah, but most of the time I have a pretty good idea what's triggering mine.


Costa Rica-

Good place for a retreat. I know of several there.


Europe. It's where they keep all the history.

You are welcome


yes! Any of these options would work for me.


Tropical island - been on some, and however beautiful, they aren't going anywhere soon. Try stopping at one 1500 miles south of India, in the middle of no where - one of the most beautiful places i have seen. Everyone there was glum because while I only spent two days, they were there for months or years.


I'd like a place for safe guided LSD or psyllocybin therapy. Does such a place exist? If i can lie in the sun and snorkel a bit....that would be nice too! LOL

There are places in Central and South America for going on mystical adventures with psychoactive drugs. Type in on Google.

Here ya go--
Enjoy ...let me be your company.-


That's my favorite drug. If I knew this was my last day, I'd want to go out on a fantastic trip.

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