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For those who think that this generation is something not so wonderful, here is a little insight.


Akfishlady 8 Feb 25

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Boomers are <72 or > 56 and "millenials" are our children wearing our tye dyed shirts out of our closets because they are screwed out of good jobs by the gangsters like Billary or TrumpOLINI running the illegal wars for oil


For some reason we are letting these evangelicals run our lives in a manner that we object to but are unable to change at this time . Maybe the electin will give us some momentum.


I'm Gen X and I actually like Millenials a lot. Fuck consumerism and religion.

@Akfishlady Are we impotent because of bad parenting or are our numbers too few?

@Akfishlady Explains my angsty bitterness.

@Lysistrata I think every generation of women righteously rise up against patriarchal theocracy as best they can and Feminist Men have their back


If any generation has something to answer for it's people my age. We're hollowing out the middle class by redistributing the wealth to the already wealthy, making retirement a wish, screwing up the environment, allowing white supremacy a voice and eroding our democratic institutions. Millenials don't bother me much.


I have daughters born in 84, 88, and 92. They and their friends are a breath of fresh air. I think they are going to kick ass and take names.

My daughter's were born in 98, their generation is going to turn the country upside down, they are pissed off about all the crap that they are seeing, the trumps, rubios etc of the world, better watch their backs, election day is right around the corner

@Woodron Our kids make us proud.


Yeah, that sucks.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 25, 2018
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