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What are some social etiquette rules everyone should know and follow? Here are some of my favorites.

Redcupcoffee 7 Feb 25

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Never use a photo from more than 10 years ago in

zrez Level 4 Feb 28, 2018

Me being bitter at pedestrians: Walk on the side of the footpath that is the same side you drive on the road. Give way to oncoming pedestrians on the opposite side of that. When slow, stay on the extreme side to give faster people right of way towards the middle.


The lack of manners that really annoys me is when a person introduces another by saying "Hi, this is Suzy's sister/ brother/ mother...." No to mention the name of the person being introduced is the rudest thing in town.


I’m not very good with etiquette. The basis seems to be social control of the individual. Not a fan. I’ll cover my mouth or turn away when coughing or sneezing.


love your rules, never lie


I always go by the Golden Rule: do to others you have them do to you. Yeah, I know, it's from the Bible. But Jesus was referring to the law of Moses so even he stole it from someone else.


Perhaps simply treating others the way you wish to be treated.


I know someone on FB who tried to pass this list off as their own.


When passing people to and from seating in a crowded situation such as a theater it's polite to face the people sitting so your ass isn't in their face. There ya go 🙂


How about those old chestnuts..’please and thank you’. That would be a great start.


Don’t pick your nose in a public place.
Don’t pass gas in a crowded room.
Don’t publicly scratch your rear end.
Don’t eat off someone else’s plate.
Don’t intentionally hurt some else’s feelings with hour just cause.
If you can avoid hurting someone, do so.


Although this should be common sense . . . when with any company, put your cell phone away.

Yes the amount of times i see someone on their phone in the bank while dealing with the teller -so rude

@wotsthat . . . and checking out at the grocery store . . . so so rude!


"huh" is not a word. It's a grunt. If you grunt at me, immediately dismiss any illusion that we are engaged in conversation.

@jorj I set that one up, huh?


Do unto others. Why is that one so hard to understand?

@Redcupcoffee You're so right and that is just so sad.


No one eats until the senior lady at the table has set food to mouth.

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