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I have faith and believes in God but not in religion. Would that be possible?

sbbatua 3 Feb 25

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Absolutely. When I denounced Christianity, I was still a believer for around 5 years, but during that period, I was going through a 2nd deconversion of sorts but didn't realize it. I just continued to ask questions and study.

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No, in my own opinion because if you believe in some god or gods, you are going to develop practices based on that belief.

@pnullifidian think about it. If you are into a god belief, you will either look for those of a similar mindset or make up your own practices no matter how larger or small. If you are not that into it, you will set it up on a dusty shelf in your mind and get on with life.

My belief is don't believe religion none of it, but I do have ever believe in some type of creator because if the Big Bang happened it had to start with something. you can't get something from nothing. all this material and gases come together as a singularity and exploded where did the material come from

@pnullifidian I just posted a link to a 2011 documentary about how something comes from nothing. This has a scientific answer or consideration for jrkelly and other deists and agnostics. []


Of course it's possible - you're doing it !

I know a few "free-range" god people with no religious affiliations at all - they do their thing privately.

well if you can refer a God to a creator then yes but no religion here Evolution my friend, we do have more proof of that than an imaginary God that just in mid-air created man

@jrkelly you're preaching to the choir on this site ... : )


So, like deism?


What I am hearing is that you believe there is a supreme being but that supreme being does not fit into any of the religions of the world that you are aware of. What does your supreme being expect of you?

you have a point, but then again might not have a point. if the big bang happen something would have had to create it. but we do have more proof of evolution,than a god


You can believe whatever suits you. You don't need anyone to validate your beliefs. If you're not sure about your beliefs and want an opinion I will share with you how I believe. I don't know for sure if there is some intelligent force behind the universe but neither does the preacher. If there's a God he only gave me a conscience to know right from wrong anything beyond that is made up. That being said I seriously doubt there's any God. Science has explained that we are not the product of creation but evolution. And my opinion isn't any more valid than anyone else's it's just my opinion.

makes a lot of sense and that is true we have proof of evolution, but the big bang had start somewhere, where did the material come from you can't get something from nothing that's just my belief.

Where did God come from? Same argument applies the difference is scientists have compiled stacks of evidence of evolution and that evidence has been reviewed by countless other scientists. Where as the only evidence anyone has of creation is " I feel it in my heart " that's the difference between a theory and a scientific theory. Scientists can show skeletons and fossils explaining the last million and a half years of evolution. Evolution and creation did not both happen. The last million and a half years of evolution couldn't have happened unless the beginning of evolution happened too. So to me it's the logical answer


I don't, but I can see how it would be possible to believe in a deity and also see that religions are man made corporations.

JimG Level 8 Feb 25, 2018

No, belief in a god is a religion. You may just disbelieve in churches, I did for a long time.

Your right about god is a religion. People will be off without bs of religion, etc.


Faith and belief in God are not contingent on religious practices. My mom believes in god, but she almost never goes to church anymore.


If you were able to reason your way out of organized religion, it's only a matter of time til you reason away existence of a deity.

I'm guessing you're here: Surely, god exists, but he isn't as insecure and petty as religions make him, right?

Next you'll be here: Why do I even believe he exists at all?

Then you'll be here: Yeah, it's all bullshit.

Marz Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

That's very possible. You can have faith and believe in a deity without subscribing to a particular church or subset of religious beliefs. That being said, I don't recommend it. Belief in an imaginary being is still belief in an imaginary being. Better to take that energy and emotion spent in belief and faith and put it to better use. IMO.


Yeah...I often prove the existence of god as a bar trick....or used to when I went to bars...religions formed around ideas of god may be just opinion's of the sentience of god. So it just means you don't find any of their opinions appealing.


That is absolutely possible. Folks have all sorts of delusions.


Yup, that is possible. I was raised a Catholic and believed in god and all of Catholicism. I even believed that priests were some sort of ordained REAL wizards.

But slowly all of my beliefs on all those fell away.

I started disbelieving the customs of mass, prayer, etc. I became a non-practicing Catholic. You can say that I didn't believe in religion but believed in god at this time.

Then I started disbelieving that god had magic powers, then that he cared for any of us at all. Then finally I disbelieved that there is a god.

I am also a recovered Catholic. At first I was lapsed, but have moved on. I cannot abide by many of the man made rules. My husband did not want to be married anymore and unless I annulled my marriage which would affect my children in the eyes of the church, I could no longer participate in much of the mass, etc.


I do not see it as a contradiction where one may believe in a god and doubt the various religions. I would have to wonder where one would get various ideas about a god without religions. Would you say you have any ideas or knowledge about your god, independent from what you have learned from a religion?


If you are asking others what is possible, you need to be in Church. They are the ones who will reinforce your beliefs and keep the sanctity of your suspended disbelief holy. Otherwise, if you have doubts in one, maybe you should doubt both. There is always one person you can trust - yourself!

jeffy Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

Yeah if that is your belief . But for us god is imposible


I have come to believe that religions are made by man. The rules and laws to be followed in a religion are made by man. How could a god as most religions describe him want all the things they claim.
So many christan faiths proscribe to the belief that loving someone (I.e. same sex or another race) is the worst sin you can commit. So much effort is expended in hating rather than loving. Attacking rather than helping. Believe in god if you wish, but not religion.

It's not sin to be attracted a person of the same sex or different race. We try to do what makes us happy.


Yes, it is possible to have faith in god and not have faith in religion. Faith is the ability to have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith or strong belief in god is based on spiritual confidence in a higher being or belief in something for which there is no tangible proof. This is a conundrum of sorts with many questions that will be hard to answer.


If you feel so, but it really seems that a supernatural entity is unlikely because it would violate the laws of physics. If you believed that a deistic God is possible and the likelihood of a personal God is also probable then, it breaks all the rationality we know about the universe. Such as, would you believe that an imaginary God can lessen the effects of an earthquake, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis? All of that are natural phenomenas subjected to plate tectonics etc which is governed by scientific majesty itself. Not by illusionary supreme being.


Yes. You can explore Deism, or Pantheism (which Prof. Richard Dawkins describes as "sexed up atheism" ).

RMRen Level 3 July 26, 2018

Yes it is possible to believe in god and not follow any religion. Which god do you believe in? You have to decide that before or if you want to choose a religion. There are many gods out there waiting for your call.




Which God? What would make you think He is there?


I'm a newly turned agnostic and triggered by the same thought as yours. I don't believe there is no god, I'll place my bets that there is one.

But since he made us as a creature of free will, think of it from this angle- the moment he chooses to reveal himself, the whole notion of free will becomes invalid. In order to keep the status "free", god must be a silent observer only. No interference, no contacts, no nothing.

This for me solves the dilemma rather peacefully. If God wanted to contact/instruct us, there are literally endless means (rather than the traditional bullshits we currently see in societies). At the same time, this also spares us from the stupid question of disproving God's existence.

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