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My grandma's pet goat's budgie told me the same thing.


Guy gets his facts from Putin and Limbaugh. I'm going with PATSY -- too stupid to be a traitor. Trump's latest tweet:

“These guys, the investigators, ought to be in jail. What they have done, working with the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented. This is one of the greatest political hoaxes ever perpetrated on the people of this Country, and Mueller is a coverup.” Rush Limbaugh []

Isn't an unknowing traitor still a traitor. In 77/78 an American gave the Russians information on the KH-11 satellite resulting in a massive amount of Intel damage. The pamphlet he gave, he thought useless and wanted to become an agent finding out info from them. He f"d up. He just got out of jail last year.

So he's quoting Limbaugh? heh Fucking RNC allowing Trump to run as a Republican. If he'd been forced to run as an independent or 3rd party, he wouldn't be in office.

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