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Does anyone else enjoy saying goddamn in front of Christian's or is it just me?
First thing out of their mouths is "don't use gods name in vain"... My response is "I didn't use any names I used a title. There are over 200 names for the god of the bible but you choose to use the title. It even says in there that if you ask anything in my name it will be given unto you, yet you insist on using a title."

Captnron59 9 Feb 26

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My personal favorite Goddamn Jesus fucking Christ. If I can reasonably add 'to hell', I do. Makes me smile because the ones who are offended are usually the ones who complain about the "poor little snowflake libtards needing a safe place".

I think I love you!! Lmao


Never really thought about it but I guess yes I do.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 26, 2018

I don't know that I enjoy is but I do love the quote, I think from George Carlin...tried Googling it but couldn't find it quickly. Something about rape not being in the 10 Commandments but don't use the dude's name with a bad attitude.

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