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Any Kevin Smith fans here? I am glad to hear that his first heart attack didn't kill him.


Zster 8 Feb 26

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His selfie was unbelievable, true to his form of art nearly to the end.

(or nearly a hamburger in paradise)

cava Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

Nothing beats a selfie from ICU!


Yes,so Happy to hear he's OK. Love his movies.


I liked "Clerks" an d"Chasing Amy", but stuff after that wasn't quite as good.

Loved Chasing Amy!


Silent bob, fucking brilliant film.


Love his movies! Saw him chain smoking outside a venue when he was still morbidly obese, and asked him if he was worried about the long term ramifications of his habits. He smiled, thanked me for my concerns, and said 'I am willing to makes changes when needed'. Guess that time is now. He and Jay signed a Dogma poster for me, and were both very cool. Get well soon Kevin!!

i watched it last night, very good and thank you


Love Clerks (both) and Dogma


I like Smith, for the most part. Mall Rats is one of my favorite films of all time just got the quote "Sweet fucking christ!"


I love Kevin Smith's work. This was a huge wake up call for Kevin. I hope he takes care of his health from here on out.

Me too. I'd worried when it came time to pay up, he might not get a second chance. 47 is quite young for this.

@Zster He has been overweight for many years. I'm sure that contributed to it.


Clerks 3 needs to be made first

I wish! Heard it was tabled. I actually loved Clerks 2. "Say what you will about Jesus, Randall, but leave the Rings out of it!"


He's an interesting guy. Dogma is one of favorite movies.

Mine, too.

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