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Comic Book Fans?

Any of y'all like comics???

I'm OBSESSED with X-Men and I just got into comics last year. It's hard to find people around me that like them too!

What are some of your favorites??? Any I should DEFINITELY check out??

BillNyeIsMyGod 4 Feb 27

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I love Vampirella.


I love Wonder Woman, Sandman, Lucifer, Crossing Midnight, and Fables.


I grew up reading the British comic 2000AD and am currently reading Garth Ennis' The Boys series. It's a fairly adult tale of a sort of FBI group that keeps superheroes in check. Darkly humourous.


Yup. Which generation of X-Men? I stopped after X-Men 257 and X-Factor 50 - close to 30 years ago though. 😀

But the golden age of X comics was about the mid 80s, I think. X-Factor revived it for a while by reforming the original 5 X-Men. I spent more money on "back issues" than new issues back then. And I believe, my collection (all protected from the sun and moisture) is now 5x or more than what I spent 🙂 EDIT: Actually probably closer to 10x. I have one comic, "unsigned" but pristine, that is $600 on E-bay. I was dumbfounded when I found out a couple of years.

EDIT: Sorry, no recommendation for new comics. I do hear from YouTubers that both DC and Marvel comics are suffering. And both try to revive the industry. For example DC has rebooted all their origin stories in the last handful of years. And Marvel does things like make Cap America actually a double agent for Hydra. Apparently.


I used to read and collect them when I was growing up. The X-men, Daredevil, Iron man, Spiderman, almost anything marvel, West coast avenge, Avengers, Cloak and Dagger. I haven't followed them for a while, I guess I grew up.


Here. Though lately I've been more into manga (Attack on Titan and One Punch Man).

Marz Level 7 Feb 27, 2018

Now more a movie fan but I had my day. "Bronze age" X-Men, Avengers, Justice League and each of their members were all collectibles for me.

Today I'm a superhero movie buff but I've had occasion to buy a comic or two on and offline.

If you're ever in Vegas plan a stop at Zia along with the other comic shops. They advertise primarily as a vintage record and video exchange but they have a huge comic collection at great prices!

OH, suggestions. My favorite back then and now is Heavy Metal, then a "PG-13" (V, L, S, N) compilation of various artists in a wide range of surreal subjects. Their two movies are excellent examples of the general format as well.

Its been years...I'll have to pick one up!



Been reading comics all my life, and I would say to look for something that catches your attention. You may find something surprisingly good.


Nope. I traded them in the 60's. That is about it. I outgrow things, it is on my nature.

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